June 11th, 2003


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The Beast

The single largest game in the history of the Internet, created as a gimmick to promote the film A.I.. Thousands of players in various fields of expertise.

It all started when a bunch of people noticed that the notches on the A.I. movie posters were a code...and the code translated to a phone number...and if you called the phone number, someone would give you a web address...

It would lead to a pretty ordinary-looking personal website. Only two things strange about it: 1) the man who did the site is dead, and 2) he was born in 2066.

(I know, I know, I'm skipping a bunch of important clues. The whole thing kind of confuses me.)

Weird things would happen if people played too long. Popup windows in their browsers with cryptic, threatening messages ("The water is too deep...you will drown"), mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night, instructions to contact certain people in real life or attend rallies and public events...

Of course the allure of The Beast is gone now that we know it was just a game (and an advertising gimmick, no less!). Very disappointing...I'll bet at least some of these people believed they had genuinely uncovered some kind of bizarre conspiracy.

But damn. The scale and scope of this thing...it's incredible.

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Someone called me at 4 AM last night and left a message on my answering machine in what could be either fluent Taiwanese or extremely garbled English. Scared me shitless because I had been browsing through the archives of The Beast just hours ago (see previous entry) and I was afraid I had triggered some long-dead clue-giving mechanism buried deep within the game. I think it was just my uncle, though. I hope it was just my uncle...

The water is deep. You will drown.
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walking home from mei zhu at 10pm

Almost forgotten how beautiful Mei Zhu looks at night...it's as if someone plucked out all the stars in the sky and sprinkled them into a honeycomb. In hundreds of little dots of white and orange and yellow there are faint outlines of lampshades, ceiling fans, desks, computers...

It's an oil painting more than twenty stories high, each drop of oil a human life.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to look at Earth from the space shuttle?

Had a nice long conversation with a bunch of people I usually don't have nice long conversations with. It was pretty fun. Felt kind of like LiveJournal except without the journal. (Yes, I am pathetic. ^_^) Lots of good food and good music. The seafood baked rice at the Art of Living teacher's restaurant (under Mei Zhu) is top notch.

We should do this again sometime.
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