May 29th, 2003


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Anyone ever tried almond tea (shing ren tsa)? Not almond-flavored milk tea, mind you, I'm talking about the stuff that comes in the fat little box in the dou jiang section at 7-Eleven.

DAMN that stuff is strong. Tastes like almond jello at first, but wait half a second or so and there's this alcohol-like burn that gets gradually stronger and then suddenly relents. Kinda like what I imagine cheap vodka would be like if it didn't go all the way.

You get used to it after a while, but it never goes away. At least it doesn't make you stone drunk.

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If anyone goes to Prom in an Aya Brea dress, I will drop dead from the sexiness.

Actually, I probably won't, considering how dresses like hers are pretty common at NEHS formal dances. I will, however, notice how much everyone looks like Aya that day. ^_^

Obsessed? Me?

(Still at Level 2 Chrysler Building...maybe I should play up to EX Mode Day 5 first ~_~)
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