May 25th, 2003


wrote this in the park today

it is nice by the lake
no one to say can't don't
shouldn't won't
no one to say you're wrong
how could you
how dare you
I have every right to
you have no right
the lake does not tell you
you should be ashamed of yourself
it does not care about your attitude
what you do think say feel write
no one is mad at you but you
no one is ashamed of you but you
there are no consequences
there are no regrets
there are only
that was uncalled for


At the pearl milk tea place near Victory Church, there's a new drink called Lu Shui Jing Hong Tsa (green diamond red tea). IT ROCKS.

Basically it's green tea jello cubes floating in red tea. Then green. Then red again.

IN OTHER NEWS! Computer parts are pretty cheap at NOVA since people are afraid to go there. I saw a GeForce4 card selling for $700NT.

ALSO! GateKeepers 21 eps 2 and 3 kick ass. Do not buy them, however, for they are a ripoff. (220NT for a half-hour episode??) Use Kazaa Lite instead!

Would write more, but my mom is screaming at me to go to dinner.
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