May 4th, 2003



It's done, it's done! My short story is done! (the personal project I began in March and abandoned for over a month...the angel one) I'm so happy.

Now I just have to type up the damn thing...all 31 book-size pages (~15 A4 sheets)...and I have to edit it, and rewrite a couple of sections. But at least the actual process of writing is over.

APs? Screw APs! If writing fiction doesn't help me review how to read fiction, I don't know what will.
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Mass marketers sicken me.

Turn on the TV at any given moment and what do you see? "Buy our pills and you won't get SARS!" "Join our tai chi group--tai chi wards off SARS!" "Don't want SARS? Drink Kaoliang rice wine! Kaoliang rice wine raises your resistance to SARS!" "Come to our clinic! We have herbs that will cure anything, even SARS!"

SARS, SARS, SARS, SARS. Is that all these goddamn marketers can think about?

Even my spam emails are obsessed with SARS, though for some reason they all advertise prostitutes or penis enlargers. (How having a large penis can prevent SARS, I have no idea.)