April 25th, 2003



Today was my first Warlocks victory. There is a record of the match here if you are bored enough to see how it went.

Final results:

knowledge(0) Surrendered. (Health: 6) - Paralysed(permanent)

erf(0) Health:14

A very fun battle. It was a little one-sided, but knowledge did make some good plays. Never expected that stab in turn 6...

Didn't realize this until I did it, but permanent paralysis is awesome. It doesn't seem all that great if you paralyze a hand gesturing P, since you'll give the other player permanent Shield, but think about it: If one hand is always gesturing P, then the other hand cannot gesture P or else the player will surrender. That means no Anti Spell. No Remove Enchantment. No Resist Heat or Resist Cold. No Magic Mirror or Dispel Magic (remember, if one hand is constantly gesturing P, you can't clap C with both hands....) They can't even cast Charm Person on you and force you to Remove Enchantment them. Their only defense is the WWS form of Counter Spell, and you can see that coming rather easily. (Or a good offense, but, well, no strategy is an excuse to play stupid.)

Of course, he could have easily turned the game in his favor by stabbing with both hands just as I cast my permanented Paralysis. No matter what hand I paralyzed, I'd have to cast Shield every turn to keep him from stabbing me to death. This would have been almost as big a disadvantage for me as his paralyzed hand would have been for him. Oh well. Guess he wanted a permanent Shield instead. His choice.

Too bad he surrendered before I could cast Finger of Death (or at least Cause Heavy Wounds) at him. Then again, it's obvious he saw it coming.

Good game, knowledge.

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Man...SARS is getting really crazy here in Taiwan. Just today they quarantined 1,600 people at Ho Ping Hospital. Most of them aren't even sick. Newspapers ran pictures of people pounding on locked glass doors and holding up signs saying "We want to go home." Not pretty.

Schools and other public places are closing all over Hsinchu, so everyone's pretty scared. There was this nasty rumor that someone in tenth grade had been infected. Thank God it wasn't true.