April 10th, 2003


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Hehe...wow. People are actually posting comments on this, even though I'm not writing anything interesting. Guess I'm kinda obligated to post stuff here now...

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Visited Mr. Fu's house with Giulio today. It was...surreal, to say the least. Almost Kafkaesque (sp?). Mr. Fu is pretty human, and I've never had trouble seeing him as a person as well as a teacher, but being there in his house with his wife and kids and family...man. It was so weird. Cool, but weird. He's such a nice guy...it was great seeing the personal side of him, the side that teachers would like to show but usually can't because of their need to stay in control. And his kids are so cute.

Didn't say much, let Giulio do most of the talking. He and Giulio get along surprisingly well.

Afterwards we hooked up with Isaac and ate at Gino's. Feels strange, eating at Gino's with people who aren't my parents...It's a very family-oriented Italian restaurant and before today I've only gone there with my mom and my dad. (Not either or; both. It just wouldn't feel right if I went with one or the other.) The food was pretty good, though not as good as usual--salad bar was understocked (no tomatoes! waaah), buffalo wings didn't come with sour cream. Guess buisness hasn't been very good lately. The bread was still awesome, though, and well worth the price.

Conversation was nothing special. Giulio's pissed because he says the teachers set very low expectations for him. Isaac's pretty indifferent about stuff in general. Heh...when Isaac complained that the portions weren't big enough, Giulio started mothering him and treated him to two extra loaves of bread, insisting that he would not allow Isaac to go home hungry. As if his mom and Michelle don't mother him enough. :]

Outside Gino's there's a little booth that people rent every now and then to sell things. Today it was the BB gun guy. I think he's a regular customer; I've seen him there dozens of times before. His collection hasn't improved; the rotating jewelry case still has the same pistols I saw last time. (They're beautiful pistols, though...He's got a very nice faux-silver-plated replica Beretta M9, a Walther PPK with a fake silencer, some other guns with lasersights and fake infared scopes...) All waaay out of my price range, and I don't think I'd actually want to own any of them, but they're pretty to look at. The rifles mounted on the wall were mostly guns from Counter-Strike (hehe...that game has done SO much for the BB gun industry) and were nothing really unusual. Seems like every CS player wants a model M4A1, or an AK-47, or a Krieg 557, or a...

GAH. What the fuck am I talking about? I HATE guns. I hate the very concept of them. I'm a fucking pacifist, dammit...but they're...they're so shiny...