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Emma Vance's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Emma Vance

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[20 Jul 2003|10:34pm]
Well it's just been the three of us the past few days. Since Lily has been in the hospital wing. I came by on Saturday after dinner and Madame Pomfrey said she had already left during dinner. I thought it was a little odd she didn't come to the Great Hall. It's been another day and it's like she's avoiding it. Kallista and Adira said she's mainly been in the dorms. And even then she's quiet or sleeping. YTou know I wish she would tell what happened.

And our second week of Hogwarts is over. NEWTs are looking even worse. I'm not too worried but... it's still the NEWTs. I thought we had loads of work 5th year but this year makes our 5th year look like a light bit of homework. At least I'm only taking the classes I need for my career. Can't magine having this much hoemwork with schedules in the past. that would be just unbearable.
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[09 Aug 2002|10:04am]
Ah, first day of class. And.. we start it off with Potions. Oh joy, right? Of course it wasn't that bad and we were witht he hufflepuffs. Poor Lily, Kallista, and Adira have to have their first class with Slytherin.

Tomorrow is the dueling club and we already hear Belatrix Black talking about how stupendous she is. Right... I'm sure she is good. Probably real good in those Unforgivable Curses as well. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if as soon as she gets out of Hogwarts she joins up with that Voldemort. She loves the Dark Arts a little bit too much for her own good. I've never seen someone gewt under Lils skin like she does. She doesn't hold back and be her kind self, she confronts and goes off on her. It's really actually pretty interesting to watch. But Bellatrix deserves it. She always goes for the heart when it comes to us. Insulting our friends and family. And if we had boyfriends I'm sure she would me more than pleased to insult them, too.

But back to school we had Potions and are now on our morning break. It didn't go that bad. And we had a study hall. that will be useful once we get to NEWTs. Which are already being talked about in detail by the professors and it's only the first day. It's like OWLs all over again except 5 times worse.
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[04 Aug 2002|09:19pm]
Almost time for school. Our last year too! It's exciting. And surprise surprise Lily is head girl. I was a little surprised James Potter made Head Boy. I thought you had to be a prefect. Adira and I have been making estimates of how long it will take before he hits on her again. I don't think Lily was quite as amused. It's obvious he fancies her. She just doesn't seem to really see it and doesn't understand what all of the fuss is about. And who knows what's been going on in that head of hers. She's been a little bit different after returning from her house. But if my parents died and the person I had most contact with was her awful sister, Petunia, I would be acting a little differently too. She's just not as cheery as usual. but I'm sure once we get back to school she will be her normal self.

Tomorrow we're going to Diagon Alley to pick up our school things. I heard that this year we're supposed to have a Yule Ball so I was able to convince mum to get me better dress robes. I'm sure she'll buy some for Lil too because she feels bad for her. I don't know if she will accept it, but I hope she does. I hope she gets a good green color again. It brings out the green in her eyes and her red hair. Hopefully Adira will be able to meet up with us before we get on the bus. It'l be our last time... can you belive that? 7 years and now its going to be over.

I'm hoping our last year will be great. But all of this Voldemort talk is worrying me. It's been reported he's killing the muggle-borns now. This doesn't help the mood my househas been in. With Lily being muggle born and all. And my grandmother was a muggle. So I have it in me too. Hopefully the Ministry of Magic will sort this whole mess out before he goes too far. Actually, he already has. Before he goes farther than.

Oh Adira, I hope you still don't have a crush on that person. It's been over two years and there are plenty of other fellows at Hogwarts. And I hope you can meet us at Diagon Alley! We'll be at Flourish and Botts at first for our books and then just shop around after that. Try and find us!

Lily, hurry and get packed, we'll be leaving in the morning. Don't the Head Boy and Head Girl have to attend the prefect meeting at the beggining of the ride? I guess you'll never stop being a prefect, eh? *laughs* We'll have to get Adira to save us a seat while we're at the meeting.

And to everyone else.... I'll see you at Hogwarts!
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