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emerald___ [userpic]

'Darling I'm waiting for you'.

January 11th, 2006 (09:19 pm)

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I'm blessed so much so I don't have enough width in my heart to realise

It's going to stay with me for a long long time-
The picture of you waiting for me at the lift lobby every evening at 6 o'clock after work, taking my hand, taking my bag, a 'I've-missed-you' kiss, the surety of knowing you will be there, that is already immortalised, it's forever to me.

They are sinking themselves into the recesses of memory, pressing and pushing themselves against the walls of time and curling up there, unmoving, sleeping with me.

'What could be more romantic than lovers locked in a kiss until they crumble to dust with the weight of time'.


Posted by: sixholyoranges (sixholyoranges)
Posted at: January 11th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)

beautiful. :)

sweetie, when i stop being broke, and anytime you're free, we need to sit down and have some girly time together. till then, MUCH LOVE.

Posted by: emerald___ (emerald___)
Posted at: January 12th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)

i mizzed yooozz :P

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