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we're both alone, i'm going home

i wish i'd never seen your face

1/3/09 02:11 am

im tired\drunkish\giggly\sick


11/29/08 02:03 am

in all honesty, what i really want, is for you to be happy.

11/28/08 08:34 pm

i wish my perception of you was the same as when i first met you.
so vulnerably in love. so happy.
i thought you were funny, honest, and pure.
now your jokes have grown old and you have lost all respect for me.

i honestly thought highly of you.
i thought we were perfect.

i think the saddest part is the fact that i still love you.
even if you treat me badly sometimes.

i try to imagine a life without you and it breaks my heart every time.
some days i wish i could be free of all this, but i believe i would miss you way to much.

i fucking love you, with all my heart, it's pathetic.

5/15/08 10:29 pm - in my dreams im jealous all the time.

i love him so much it hurts.

we had a pretty good talk today, but i still find myself being nervous.

i can't lose him. and if i do, i know shit won't be good.
i know i won't survive.

fucking pathetic? yes.

4/4/08 02:58 pm

i don't care anymore.

everyday consists of fear and anger.


2/2/08 11:04 am

i don't feel anything anymore.

nothing seems fun to me.
i can't really eat. it doesn't look appetizing anymore.
at work i just stand there not really doing anything.

i hate my motherfucking job. i hate it.

i hate my living arrangements. I need to get out of here.

i love my boyfriend. he's the only thing that matters anymore.

1/8/08 11:07 pm

actually, i'm not really that happy anymore.

i still love andrew. but all in all, i'm pretty miserable.

12/20/07 01:24 pm

so i was just thinking about everything and I realized that this is the happiest i've ever been.

i have a wonderful fantastic amazing boyfriend that loves me.
i have a job.
i have a house to live in.
i have a good family.
and i have a pretty good health.

of course i'd change some things like never dropping out of school, having my own apartment, and having health insurance. that'd make me even happier. but this is good for now.

12/11/07 09:59 pm


i am in love with an amazing guy.

i dropped out of hvcc.
im getting an apartment with andrew.

my birthday is coming up.

im pretty happy for the most part.

10/29/07 11:59 pm

i'm in love.

love i hope.
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