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phoenix to boot camp

hello random

. I love my current icon *points* by anabarad_icons.

. T minus 5 days to BSG.

. I am so behind on catching up with you flist. I am sorry but I promise to get more proactive. Pinky promise.


. And Lena Olin in Awake. *eye!fucks spymommy*

. And now, another original MEEM... *coughs*

soundtrack of your fandom

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phoenix to boot camp

the woes of technology and design progession

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Okay, so I am just a little bit jealous of people who can use cinema 4d with such proficiency. *oggles* DAMN THAT IS SOME HOT SH!T.

One has got to hate the pace at which technology is progressing now a days. And intimidated. Don't forget intimidated!


Discussion topic:

1. What are your top three tv shows of all time?
2. Something you like about each specified show?
3. Something you dislike about each specified show?
4. Top three ships pertaining to each show? (if applicable) Why you like said ships?

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cut and paste:

phoenix to boot camp


I don't understand how almost 3 million people in North America work from home. I have been trying to get a job that is, not a scam and I can do for home. Thus far, no luck. a) because all or most work-from-home job/business require an investement. b) because I am paranoid that everything is a scam and they will walk off with what little money i do have. So basically I am stuck. If anyone on flist has ever worked from home, pointers will be much appreciated right about now.

In other news, my family has finally left after hounding me for 2 days. Seriously, people don't understand I have priorities? Like making icons and wallowing and wasting time on the internet. Anyways, I am thinking of visiting a friend in Calgary next weekend... more on that once I get everything sorted.

TV has officially consumed my life because it feels like something is missing today... there was no Heroes. And no House tomorrow. *sulks* They did show an older episode of house today "kids." To me it doesn't matter much since I can get my house fix anytime from my tivo. Which is exactly what I did last night. I watched "Autopsy" honestly, just for the "red coffee mug" scene. In most house/cam fiction it is almost always mentioned that house likes cam's coffee but other than in autopsy, I've never seen him indicate as such. So I was wondering if this is just fanon and I am just gullible. To make up for the Houseless-ness I made some iconsies and one tutorial. Both per request.

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