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phoenix to boot camp

Campaign for Humanity

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If you believe in god. If you want to f' the man. If you don't like kicking cute wittle puppies. If you care about ridding the world of reality tv... you will vote for Sanjaya today! Go sea-biscuit Sanjaya go!

If insomnia kicks in; I am thinking of watching Torchwood tonight. Anything that appeals to my sci-fi geekness.

As most of you on my flist may already know I am not big on making layouts. Coding hasn't been my friend since Algorithms and C++ days. The gorgeous layouts made by minty_peach are really tempting the muses. So Imma join forces and make graphic alterations to her coding with permission. Please do not forget to credit her when ganking any layout/s henceforth.

[ 01 ] House/Wilson Layout / Banner
[ 03 ] House/Wilson Icons
[ 01 ] House/Wilson Profile Request

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