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phoenix to boot camp

the woes of technology and design progession

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Okay, so I am just a little bit jealous of people who can use cinema 4d with such proficiency. *oggles* DAMN THAT IS SOME HOT SH!T.

One has got to hate the pace at which technology is progressing now a days. And intimidated. Don't forget intimidated!


Discussion topic:

1. What are your top three tv shows of all time?
2. Something you like about each specified show?
3. Something you dislike about each specified show?
4. Top three ships pertaining to each show? (if applicable) Why you like said ships?

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phoenix to boot camp


Strange. I am pretty sure I had people on my friends list?! *scratches head* Where the frell did everyone go? Summer hiatuses everyone?! I remember in September, if I'd leave for a week I'd never be able to check back on all entries but I just went back and not many people are posting. 'least I am not missing much when I leave.

1) I posted the first ever House/Cameron fic!challenge over at the housecameron forum. Check it out! Also there is a House/Cameron fanart!challenge for h/c manip for anyone that cares. This is my last try to revive things in h/c fandom verse (I swear). I am done with people wanting to get things going and then backing out when it counts.

2) In other news, does anyone know how good "Roswell" was? I am thinking of giving it a look see.

3) No matter how hard I try I can't get myself to make any icons? *groans* User Infos though, they are a-flowing!

4) Anybody knows what is the name of the spanish song that IPOD ad uses? Its stuck in my head and I really, really want it!