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phoenix to boot camp


Another sleepless night and tones of caffiene later... I am just as much coldplay's bitch as I was 2 years ago. That has got to say something about my stunted musical tastes!? I mean I still listen to Frank Sinatra for my romantic references. Oh shrug, lets call it a classic and move on shall we.

Usually, I just post icons when I feel there are a decent number of them accumulated, lets say 20+ per week. I am thinking about posting episodic icons after each episode of my favourite show airs, i.e. Heroes icons on tuesday, House wednesday, etc. granted I have the time to do it. What do you guys think?

[ 01 ]       Tutorial
[ 04 ]       Coldplay [ 3 House/Cameron ]
[ 23+3 ]   House
[ 12 ]       Heroes
[ 11 ]       Scrubs

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phoenix to boot camp


I don't understand how almost 3 million people in North America work from home. I have been trying to get a job that is, not a scam and I can do for home. Thus far, no luck. a) because all or most work-from-home job/business require an investement. b) because I am paranoid that everything is a scam and they will walk off with what little money i do have. So basically I am stuck. If anyone on flist has ever worked from home, pointers will be much appreciated right about now.

In other news, my family has finally left after hounding me for 2 days. Seriously, people don't understand I have priorities? Like making icons and wallowing and wasting time on the internet. Anyways, I am thinking of visiting a friend in Calgary next weekend... more on that once I get everything sorted.

TV has officially consumed my life because it feels like something is missing today... there was no Heroes. And no House tomorrow. *sulks* They did show an older episode of house today "kids." To me it doesn't matter much since I can get my house fix anytime from my tivo. Which is exactly what I did last night. I watched "Autopsy" honestly, just for the "red coffee mug" scene. In most house/cam fiction it is almost always mentioned that house likes cam's coffee but other than in autopsy, I've never seen him indicate as such. So I was wondering if this is just fanon and I am just gullible. To make up for the Houseless-ness I made some iconsies and one tutorial. Both per request.

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