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phoenix to boot camp

and i rush to the start

First things first, HAPPY BDAY KATIE! vands88 You are probably the only person on my flist that is as crazy about Coldplay as I am. And I less-than-three you for your good tastes in music and tv!ship. ;) Hope we get to know eachother more as days pass along.

Since the two things Katie loves is "Coldplay" and "House/Cameron" I thought this seemed like an appropriate present. I know people don't really care for these, but hey I am going to continue pushing my icons on yous, dammit!

I'll post gankable versions of this icon with my next batch.

And Katie, not sure if you've heard of this version of "The Scientist." I adore the way he chants, don't even try...don't even hide And the beats are lovely goodness!

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