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Fan Fiction Taboos

I have been reading Alias fan fiction lately. There is some really good fiction, mind you but something that this fandom lacks is the "taboo" factor.

I am talking those topics that are not the norm. For instance, apocalypse fiction, inappropriate pairing fiction, sexually uninhibited fiction (rape, incest, pedo, beastality, etc.), other?

Its possible that I am not looking in the right places. After all I am fairly new to this fandom. I have tried to tap on all the big reservoirs (FF.net,SD1,ALLALIAS) and based on what I've found there, I am making my judgement.

Granted, it is morbid to want taboo topics as some of them are clearly reaching TMI/pervert level. I should think that such topics would be that much harder to write for the authors and demand some serious writing prowess by them.

I like straight/gen fiction in fandom but even I can admit that some of the best fiction I've read is slash! (Of course I have no scientific means to prove it but generally slash fic is better written. Which gives some people a god!complex but lets not get into that for now.

Question of the day:

Is there any topic in fiction that you find/found really disturbing?

And one for the authors on my flist:

What is the one taboo topic you wish you could write?

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