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wanna play "Antakshiri"?

Celebrating the return of BSG with jamie bamber pix/article and a song! (warning: lots of swearing bsg style)

I am bored and thought you guys might indulge me as usual. :P

"Antakshiri" is a popular indian game that is known by many other names in western culture. Basically you sing a song beginning with the last letter of whoever was preceeding you.

So I'll start *ahem*

Into the river below...I'm running from the inferno...
They'll think I'm insane but you'll all know my name
Into the river below...I'm running from the inferno...
I'll take all the blame, the front page and the fame

phoenix to boot camp

happy belated easter

I don't observe but a very happy belated easter to all the people on my flist whom do.

I have been particularly busy this weekend because I had a couple of projects to work on and I was invited to an easter thing. Its been a nice weekend so far.

Also I finally got to watch some movies this weekend. Juno was my favourite. More on this later.

phoenix to boot camp

her fan fic brings all the fangirls to the yard...

I posted this in house_cameron and cameron_house and didn't get a response. fuckin bitches...

Anyone who's been reading h/c fan fiction in this community probably knows of starhawk2005. As a well respected and well-loved author of this fandom I am putting her on the spot! Thats right, I've written her up for an author's interview in blueheronz's author interview series.

I am inviting all of you to join me in asking her all the nitty gritty questions.

What is her thought process? What gets her writing? Whats her weapon of choice when dealing with the ever-dreaded writer's block? Thus, anything you can think of or have questions about in terms of her writing; writing style; or starhawk2005 - the person behind the writer. Ask away because this is your chance!

I will try to incorporate as many of your questions as I can in our impending interview.

To refresh your memory, here is a master list of all her stories to date.

S. ♥
phoenix to boot camp


I want to get back IN TEH ZONE. It makes me stop thinking...

Help out a brotha (sister) in need and please let me know where I can find something akin to a recent/decent/HQ images of the following:

i. Wilson/Cameron pics (There is a particular one I am looking for. I think it was shoot at a party - JMo is lol'ing and leaning on RSL along with LE? And RSL is looking all smug. It was used in some HC manips too!)

ii. Good Supernatural bro pics - preferably where they are looking at eachother meaningfully *think slash*

iii. Christina picture (from GA) - preferably where she has some funny expression on her face and the pic has lots of negative space

iv. Nude Hugh Laurie pic/s. I just know someone on my flist is hiding one! *or a nice nekkid pose of random artist to manip*