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phoenix to boot camp

fo shizzle

Remember that Scrubs scene I was describing/lol'ing about some days back. I found it on youtube. Collapse )

meme thingy from fade_out

1. list your top five favorite musical artists.
2. list your top five favorite songs from each artist.
3. tag five people to do the same.
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Tagging: athousandsmiles, intodelirium, tifflissa and the two new adds to flist flybutterfly24, fated_addiction

p.s. Made some new icons of hugh laurie in his new upcoming flick "street kings." I am no where near finishing the batch so I just thought I'd share the couple I have made.

TY cane_crazy for the fab' caps. ♥
phoenix to boot camp

thank you, thankyouberymuch

1) He is gone. :(

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3) I have a working chatroom on the House/Cameron Forum *finally* that I'd encourage everyone on my flist to test drive. There will be a tuesday chat there for the finale, granted there is enough interest. You do not have to register. Just put in a screen name and enter. I will leave the window open while I work today so pop in whenever you have a few moments and talk real time with me.

4) For those of you who love me for my iconsies... please know that I will be moving all of my 'artwork' to the new graphics community renegadedesigns. Just keeping things tidy...

5) Answering this meme.

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