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5 things I learned from ALIAS

5- To be a competent spy, one must have a gorgeous figure and a wide variety of skimpy bikinis.

4- Just when you think you are understanding the plot; you get thrown a U-e of multiple twists.

3- Sydney Bristow is a bad!a$$ spy who takes her daddy, boyfriend, and/or bffs on all her missions.

2- Death is never a sure thing.

1- Sydney and Vaughn's love is like day-light savings... It resets every season premiere and gets resovled by mid-season to reset again around the finale!


Mockery aside, I LOVE ALIAS.

As Krystle observed during one of our convos'- JJ Abrams always starts off with ingenius ideas that don't carry-out through the series. Great inventor with ADD is what we both agree on. *nods*

See, I think Alias had all the making of genius in the first half of season one. What made this show so great was:

1) Unique Pace - In a two dimensional triangular timeline. With the three main components being "Start, Build-up, and End." ALIAS, was one of a kind because it innovatively took "last half" of the timeline as its "first half" and "first half" of the NEXT story to conclude the show and keep fans on the edge of their seats. JJABRAMSISBRILL-ORACRAZYSONOVABITCH either/or!

2) Creative/Resourceful - I am not just taking about Sydney escaping by unlocking her cuffs with a paper pin here! I mean the overall picture, very cleverly uses plot points from previous/future episodes in a way that it flows without looking repetitive. I.e. Season 4, Episode

3) Huge Payoffs - And us CULT-FANS always like those. ;)
Alias was intelligent enough to "restructure" itself at least three times; with peripheral and even secondary characters changing spots; different dynamic all together with "Syd" and her main secondaries remaining the only constants. Unfortunately, it was the "restructuring" that contributed to the downfall of this show in the end. -.-

4) Relationships - IMHO Alias accomplished an unbelievable task of having a non-romantic relationship become a plot-progression point for the show! That of course being, Sydney and Sloane's relationship. It was so interestingly perverted and yet, you sit there going... "what was THAT all about."

Ashamedly admitting a keen fascination to Syd/Vaughn relationship too. *meep* For purely asthetic reasons. Of course their chemistry camuflaged into BLAH because jen was fucking ben and not ex-vartan due to the grand unnecessary story developments starting season 3. The 5 million new characters I couldn't relate to, didn't help either.

5) In A Genre Its Own - Alias is by no means perfect or an overall achievement considering the declined quality of seasons 4 and 5! But I think it will go down in the books as one of the pioneers in "SPY_FI" tv collections.


I thought I'd review it now that I've kinda watched it all. Not counting JUMPED THE SHARK SEASONS. You know what I am talking about... :P
phoenix to boot camp

Campaign for Humanity

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If you believe in god. If you want to f' the man. If you don't like kicking cute wittle puppies. If you care about ridding the world of reality tv... you will vote for Sanjaya today! Go sea-biscuit Sanjaya go!

If insomnia kicks in; I am thinking of watching Torchwood tonight. Anything that appeals to my sci-fi geekness.

As most of you on my flist may already know I am not big on making layouts. Coding hasn't been my friend since Algorithms and C++ days. The gorgeous layouts made by minty_peach are really tempting the muses. So Imma join forces and make graphic alterations to her coding with permission. Please do not forget to credit her when ganking any layout/s henceforth.

[ 01 ] House/Wilson Layout / Banner
[ 03 ] House/Wilson Icons
[ 01 ] House/Wilson Profile Request

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