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phoenix to boot camp

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I've cut my flist in half last night. If you ended up missing the original f-cut post (http://users.livejournal.com/elizabethswan_/53453.html) or I've cut you off accidently please let me know.

The people that are still on it - You Are So Beautiful To Me... Can't You SeeEeeEEeeee... /alfalfa


This long distance thing is not working for me anymore. I missed mr. swan's call again last night. I hate timezones like I've never hated them before.


I had a really weird disturbing dream last night with it ending with everyone I know being hurt; Sayid (of lost) carrying my aunt; and torn bird wings and dead parrotlets hanging in the cage... wtf.


Anyone on my flist have lastfm? I want in!
phoenix to boot camp

Snip Snip

I feel like I am talking to the same people all the time. So, I am following cozy_cupcake's lead and cutting down my friends to a bare minimum.

Those of you who are superficially keeping me on your flists out of the tender fact of "not-tou-huwt-my-feewings," now is your chance.

Anyone who wants to keep me can make a comment to this post.

*sings* Tell me what you want what you really really want...

Cut on February 23, 2008.