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phoenix to boot camp

something for flavour

This is probably a crazy idea. But it is mine. Do you expect any less?

For those who like a bit of flavour...

Main Jahaan Rahoon : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
(Main jahaan rahoon, Main kaheen bhi hoon) Where ever I go, where ever I will be
(Teri yaad saath hai) your thoughts accompany me

Genre/Theme: Hindi Movie-Remix (Movie: Nameste London)
Origin: Indian

Mi Swing Es Tropical : Quantic and Nickodemus

Genre/Theme: Nu Jazz/Salsa
Origin: Spanish

Passion : Utada Hikaru
Omoidaseba haruka haruka (If we remember, that far far away)
Mirai wa dokomademo kagayaiteta (the future is shining somewhere)
Genre/Theme: Pop
Origin: Japanese

Sanu Ek Pal Chayn Na Aye : Nusrat Fateh Ali
(Sanu ek pal chayn na aye) I am forever restless
(Sajna tere bina)without you
Genre/Theme: Qawali/Soul (See Sufi-ism)
Origin: Pakistani

Dhoom Again
Dhoom macha le (*non-literal translation: "Raise the roof")
Genre/Theme: Pop/Fusion
phoenix to boot camp

Once upon a birthday...

Hi Liz Wife,

A bunch of us got together and thought we'd dedicate a song that reminds us of you, or that we know you do/or would like. You are a genuinely good person and are always there for your friends when needed. Know that the same courtesy is always extended to you! I am sure you'll find we are all trying to tell you something, beside the fact that we care about you. ♥

I hope you have a blast sweetie! now will you tell me how old you'll be? (no, she never gives up and talks in third person too!)

The top picture is by me and the bottom picture is by amy_s_keeper. Enjoy!

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