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phoenix to boot camp


Now you know whom inspired my newest layout. Heroes and "Our Lady Peace" of course. OLP is probably one of the best bands today hands down. I am sure if Isaac were alive he'd tell us sometime in the future OLP will be remembered as one of the greats! Naveed is actually a word in many languages, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, etc. And in every language it has the same meaning. "Good news" or "good omen" for the superstitious. The satrical use of it in the song reminds me so much of how Isaac almost welcomes death as the only way to redeem himself. So here is a fanmix... that I actually had since 4/23. Just took a bit to make the cover art (which I am sure no one uses) but I wanted to give Isaac a proper send off. ;)


♥ l y r i c . c r e d i t : O L P

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