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phoenix to boot camp

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I am finally ready to dump some on yous...

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[01-15] Alias / [16-30] Jennifer Garner / [31-33] Battlestar Galactica / [34-41] Eli Stone / [42-49] Lost / [50-68] Stock / [69-73] Mila Kunis / [74-83] Misc./Stock / [84-93] Keira Knightley / + 5 Banners
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phoenix to boot camp

the woes of technology and design progession

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Okay, so I am just a little bit jealous of people who can use cinema 4d with such proficiency. *oggles* DAMN THAT IS SOME HOT SH!T.

One has got to hate the pace at which technology is progressing now a days. And intimidated. Don't forget intimidated!


Discussion topic:

1. What are your top three tv shows of all time?
2. Something you like about each specified show?
3. Something you dislike about each specified show?
4. Top three ships pertaining to each show? (if applicable) Why you like said ships?

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phoenix to boot camp

who fanarted?

I've had a crazy week and maybe that's why I have been restless. As the week progressed the coloring got lighter and so did the mood. I am far from agnoizing over the bug eating african kids in #1... as I said, its all very random.

Since no one bothers to read the credits, a big shout out for thewlisian_afer for being kind enough to share her non-nude RSL picture collection with me. You rock my HouseWilson-Socks Amanda. ♥

[ 10 ] Stock [Stargate Atlantis, Malcolm in the Middle, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Poverty/Children, etc.]
[ 04 ] B.S.G
[ 04 ] 300
[ 05 ] Zach Braff/Scrubs
[ 28 ] House M.D.

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[ 08 ] House M.D. Cast

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