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My favourite color is today...

It completely slipped my mind that today was earth day! A very happy belated.

I made some icons but I think I am really, really late with these so I am just going to share with flist for the moment.


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icon dumpage

I am finally ready to dump some on yous...

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[01-15] Alias / [16-30] Jennifer Garner / [31-33] Battlestar Galactica / [34-41] Eli Stone / [42-49] Lost / [50-68] Stock / [69-73] Mila Kunis / [74-83] Misc./Stock / [84-93] Keira Knightley / + 5 Banners
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Campaign for Humanity

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If you believe in god. If you want to f' the man. If you don't like kicking cute wittle puppies. If you care about ridding the world of reality tv... you will vote for Sanjaya today! Go sea-biscuit Sanjaya go!

If insomnia kicks in; I am thinking of watching Torchwood tonight. Anything that appeals to my sci-fi geekness.

As most of you on my flist may already know I am not big on making layouts. Coding hasn't been my friend since Algorithms and C++ days. The gorgeous layouts made by minty_peach are really tempting the muses. So Imma join forces and make graphic alterations to her coding with permission. Please do not forget to credit her when ganking any layout/s henceforth.

[ 01 ] House/Wilson Layout / Banner
[ 03 ] House/Wilson Icons
[ 01 ] House/Wilson Profile Request

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Another sleepless night and tones of caffiene later... I am just as much coldplay's bitch as I was 2 years ago. That has got to say something about my stunted musical tastes!? I mean I still listen to Frank Sinatra for my romantic references. Oh shrug, lets call it a classic and move on shall we.

Usually, I just post icons when I feel there are a decent number of them accumulated, lets say 20+ per week. I am thinking about posting episodic icons after each episode of my favourite show airs, i.e. Heroes icons on tuesday, House wednesday, etc. granted I have the time to do it. What do you guys think?

[ 01 ]       Tutorial
[ 04 ]       Coldplay [ 3 House/Cameron ]
[ 23+3 ]   House
[ 12 ]       Heroes
[ 11 ]       Scrubs

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who fanarted?

I've had a crazy week and maybe that's why I have been restless. As the week progressed the coloring got lighter and so did the mood. I am far from agnoizing over the bug eating african kids in #1... as I said, its all very random.

Since no one bothers to read the credits, a big shout out for thewlisian_afer for being kind enough to share her non-nude RSL picture collection with me. You rock my HouseWilson-Socks Amanda. ♥

[ 10 ] Stock [Stargate Atlantis, Malcolm in the Middle, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Poverty/Children, etc.]
[ 04 ] B.S.G
[ 04 ] 300
[ 05 ] Zach Braff/Scrubs
[ 28 ] House M.D.

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[ 08 ] House M.D. Cast

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I don't understand how almost 3 million people in North America work from home. I have been trying to get a job that is, not a scam and I can do for home. Thus far, no luck. a) because all or most work-from-home job/business require an investement. b) because I am paranoid that everything is a scam and they will walk off with what little money i do have. So basically I am stuck. If anyone on flist has ever worked from home, pointers will be much appreciated right about now.

In other news, my family has finally left after hounding me for 2 days. Seriously, people don't understand I have priorities? Like making icons and wallowing and wasting time on the internet. Anyways, I am thinking of visiting a friend in Calgary next weekend... more on that once I get everything sorted.

TV has officially consumed my life because it feels like something is missing today... there was no Heroes. And no House tomorrow. *sulks* They did show an older episode of house today "kids." To me it doesn't matter much since I can get my house fix anytime from my tivo. Which is exactly what I did last night. I watched "Autopsy" honestly, just for the "red coffee mug" scene. In most house/cam fiction it is almost always mentioned that house likes cam's coffee but other than in autopsy, I've never seen him indicate as such. So I was wondering if this is just fanon and I am just gullible. To make up for the Houseless-ness I made some iconsies and one tutorial. Both per request.

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