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I am bored. When I am bored I post random polls. Actually, this might not be that random because I do want to know the new dynamic of my lj. So you know fill it ... or not.

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Which fandom/tv show/movie are you most interested in?

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Think its time...


This is a plea for more sci-fi friends. So you know, if you are interested add me or one another to your flist.

My Journal is mostly about:
Favorite Show(s)/Fandom(s):
Favorite Character(s)/Ship(s):
Least Favorite Show(s)/Fandom(s):
Least Favorite Character(s)/Ship(s):
Other Likes:
Other Dislikes:
Random Fact:
Life Motto:

sci-fi friending meme (cut & paste & comment):

And please pimp because it doesn't work if we won't.

p.s. I am personally interested in MOArrrr Alias, BSG, Farscape, Firefly, Heroes and/or other sci-fi friends.
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Fan Fiction Taboos

I have been reading Alias fan fiction lately. There is some really good fiction, mind you but something that this fandom lacks is the "taboo" factor.

I am talking those topics that are not the norm. For instance, apocalypse fiction, inappropriate pairing fiction, sexually uninhibited fiction (rape, incest, pedo, beastality, etc.), other?

Its possible that I am not looking in the right places. After all I am fairly new to this fandom. I have tried to tap on all the big reservoirs (,SD1,ALLALIAS) and based on what I've found there, I am making my judgement.

Granted, it is morbid to want taboo topics as some of them are clearly reaching TMI/pervert level. I should think that such topics would be that much harder to write for the authors and demand some serious writing prowess by them.

I like straight/gen fiction in fandom but even I can admit that some of the best fiction I've read is slash! (Of course I have no scientific means to prove it but generally slash fic is better written. Which gives some people a god!complex but lets not get into that for now.

Question of the day:

Is there any topic in fiction that you find/found really disturbing?

And one for the authors on my flist:

What is the one taboo topic you wish you could write?

This post is open to everyone. Anonymous posting is allowed if you'd rather not reveal your username.
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hello random

. I love my current icon *points* by anabarad_icons.

. T minus 5 days to BSG.

. I am so behind on catching up with you flist. I am sorry but I promise to get more proactive. Pinky promise.


. And Lena Olin in Awake. *eye!fucks spymommy*

. And now, another original MEEM... *coughs*

soundtrack of your fandom

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wanna play "Antakshiri"?

Celebrating the return of BSG with jamie bamber pix/article and a song! (warning: lots of swearing bsg style)

I am bored and thought you guys might indulge me as usual. :P

"Antakshiri" is a popular indian game that is known by many other names in western culture. Basically you sing a song beginning with the last letter of whoever was preceeding you.

So I'll start *ahem*

Into the river below...I'm running from the inferno...
They'll think I'm insane but you'll all know my name
Into the river below...I'm running from the inferno...
I'll take all the blame, the front page and the fame

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happy belated easter

I don't observe but a very happy belated easter to all the people on my flist whom do.

I have been particularly busy this weekend because I had a couple of projects to work on and I was invited to an easter thing. Its been a nice weekend so far.

Also I finally got to watch some movies this weekend. Juno was my favourite. More on this later.