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BSG 3o3: The ties that bind and the cuffs that link

.o1 Kara was the only interesting thing about this episode. And wow, all her shipmates are the ones I liked from prior episodes. Which cuts the defenses / my interest on the orginal Battlestar to about 10%.

.o2 Roslin/Lee rivalry is so painstakingly borrrrrrrrring. God, it feels so much like dejavu. And not even a good one.

.o3 I love the infighting between Cylons. It was only a matter of time before evolution resume its course. They keep getting more and more human as time progresses, isn't it?

I think very highly of Six but girl, that was a big tactical error on your part! What were you thinking letting Caville off your sight? He was always about dirt and we all knew he was going to use being-on-his-own ship as an advantage. Dude. No. I expected more from you Caprica!love. *shaking head*

.o4 Why did they have to kill Callie? *whines* WHYYYY?! Why couldn't she have died after telling everyone about the cylons. I have a feeling her appearance in this episode is foreshadowing of some sort. How many of you guys wanna bet she is the fifth cylon. *snickers*

.o5 The episode wasn't at par with usual BSG eppys but I think there were some memorable lines. Score for Cylons.

The sixes and their acolytes use their pets to engage in a little ethnic cleansing


That'll teach me not to trust in democracy.

SIX: Is there anything that isn't fodder of a joke for you? Or is that you view our very existance as some sort of annihalistic punchline!


.o0 Jenna sez, check out my new layout!!! Since I am so on a Jennifer Garner kick (thx to alias) I thought I'd change my layout again. Oh and I've been bored too.
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