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Eli Stone: 1x13

Eli Stone is by no means the most intelligent show on tv. It lacked the "it" factor until 3 episodes back. It has the weirdest dream sequences with stars that belong a little too much in the 80s (no offence to the GM fans). And there is a but...

But it thrives on epiphanies like no other show has (to me at least). Tonight was no exception.

There were no big explosions. No big cases where thousands of poeple were suing some corporation. None of the glitter.

Tonight's episode was really understated and more involved. Maybe tptb will pay for that with the masses but to me, it was genius (until about oh, the last sequence with George Michael and the whole cast prancing-- I could've lived without.)

I felt like tonight's flavour was not just life and religion or life vs. death. It seemed more to me like it was about purpose.

Firstly, since Eli is a bona fide seer; he sees himself having complications in the surgery. Next day he steps into office, everyone is being nice to him. Even Matt who usually can't stand him and is interested in Eli's Ex! And Patty, his sassy assistant who acts like anything but an assistant to him.

Then we have the eerie client, near his retirement age that approaches Eli only to have a right to die. He has cancer and it is his wife who is challenging his rights just so he can go through chemo' and have a better chance at living.

Eli contemplates the case as much as how conveniently placed it is with his situation. And boom, all of a sudden we find him in the ICU. He's in a coma and we find this case, all the sympathetic talks people have been having with him are all nothing but his visions while he lingers.

I just want to stop right here and say, I never thought I would ever say good things about "purgatory" scenes after having been involved with "Lost" season 1! *if you don't get it, the catchline's not worth it to you*

That was some kind of fantastic. Clever writing.

I may have even shed a tear or two when Eli's "client" clarified why he wanted to die. That one moment of clarity, when he felt close to God. was worth leaving behind everything for him. I don't wanna wax poetic here but that was powerful, touching, and thought provoking all at the same time. I sat there reminding myself how much I hate organized religion yet, even I could find the substance there.

People use faith like a tool. The tool to motivate themselves to do good (i.e. god's gonna come and getcha!). As a tool to soothe them when something goes wrong in their lives (i.e. there must be a reason for it, god has a plan for me). And most definitely as a tool to comfort themselves of an ever after (i.e. this is just a test, there's heaven and hell, and the inside of George Bush's head...). And I think tonight's Eli Stone took in account all those aspect of faith in its own quirky way.

I don't think many people are going to like it because it didn't have the gimmicks or any shabangs but for the record I did. May not as much as the last episode but it was definitely in my top three this season.

I say season because there just has to be another!

Eli Stone lives to see another day. *really he does, he wakes up from the coma after that song and dance with GM, Spy!Daddy&Co. and everything!*

Note: I thought the "wife" was representing all worldly things people love or have commitments to.

Anyways, discuss? :)
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