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Eli Stone: London Bridge is falling down...

Tonight's episode of Eli Stone is to the show what "Phase One" did to Alias. And people if you don't know the show Alias and there is one episode you are missing out most on, its "Phase One!" I don't think so much has happened in one hour of tv ever. But anyways, this post is about Eli Stone. Not Alias. *reminds self* Anyways, tonight's eppy didn't really resolve any UST with Eli/Maggie (which is something Alias didn't do, thank GOD) so there is hope for Eli. Also some other major points didn't get resolved which speaks very well to the future of Eli Stone. I really think Phase One although one of the finest tv-episodes ever, did feel too much like a series finale than anything. And that was a huge tactical error on JJ's part.

Its finally happened. The prediction Eli made came true on a big level and I think this is the end of "desperate!eli-wanting to make people believe he isn't really crazy" days. And the beginning of another phase in the show. I won't be terribly surprised if people start some Eli shrines post!ep and there is a big religious-nuts battle taking place in one of the future episodes.

I never thought I'd ever hear the words "Kevlar" being uttered by Victor Garber again. *Swoons* I was really fangirling inside when he said, "I am made of Kevlar!" (SO iconning that!)

I also loved Segal in this episode. She is ruthless and percise. Gotta love an ambitious woman. I love Eli/Maggie but she provided us with much needed angst when she butchered their puppy!love on stand. *snickers* I soo twisted.

Patty packing up and leaving with her plant reminded me so much of Jerry McGuire its not even funny. lulz

This episode had a touch of confidence in the writing. Before it felt too much like the ptb were testing their waters. Now it seems that they have made up their mind about where they want to go with the show. And I sincerely hope that means this show has an immediate future if not several years in contract. *hopes*

So how did you guys liked it flist?
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