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House Big Bang Contest Post

House Big Bang challenge is for writers to create a 20 000 word (or longer) novella for het, gen, or slash in the House fandom. Artists and vidders can create illustrations or trailer vids to go with each story.

For more info' visit house_bigbang

Title: How To Skin Your Knees Standing Straight [by fated_addiction]
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season 3
Design Format: Vector Design + Illustration
Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Artist's Notes: I think I went a little crazy with this one. Remember that when I started working on this challenge I was still, very much into House MD. Anyways, I did a novel cover, and a vector art banner for the challenge.

The novel cover was easy because I had asked the author for input and I knew she wanted something very minimal. The Banner Art, I went to town with! As much as I am not a big fan of s3, I loved the "quit-scene" and I think it encaptures the much needed tension filled ambience "I" always feel when I see this particular couple on screen. With the cellphone being a link back to the fiction for which this art was being made.

I attempted to make a somewhat dreamy atmosphere without wanting to let go of the angst and making it completely feminine. Hope I established it with the dull colors and 3d abstract vector lines/shapes.

Title: Time Marches On [by: namasteyoga]
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Design Format: Vector Designs + 3d Gradients
Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 + ImageReady CS 2.0

Artist's Notes: Unlike my last venture, I had no pairing prejudices for "Time Marches On." Just saw the excerpt and saw myself making some sort of cogs-wheel art!

At first, I had a vision of the whole team being a cog-wheel on the house (the person) machinery. After communicating with the author I felt she had a very different perspective on how she viewed this story and so I had to alter my original idea a bit.

I have to say I am not completely happy with the way this fanart turned out. Just because I would've liked it to have more "House" in it. Then again, I hope the dark colors and simplistic value address to the emptiness "House" feels as he thinks of time/routine/life.

Cool fact: I made this novel cover keeping the exact dimension of a real paper-back in mind. Just in case this author gets published. *fingers crossed* :P

...more art

+ alias + bsg + house + stock

here @ renegade designs
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