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First things first, HAPPY BDAY KATIE! casey_bee You are probably the only person on my flist that is as crazy about Coldplay as I am. And I less-than-three you for your good tastes in music and tv!ship. ;) Hope we get to know eachother more as days pass along.

Since the two things Katie loves is "Coldplay" and "House/Cameron" I thought this seemed like an appropriate present. I know people don't really care for these, but hey I am going to continue pushing my icons on yous, dammit!

I'll post gankable versions of this icon with my next batch.

And Katie, not sure if you've heard of this version of "The Scientist." I adore the way he chants, don't even try...don't even hide And the beats are lovely goodness!

Pick a fictional character from a fandom I know and I'll answer the following questions:

1) What is your opinion of this character? If you like, explain why you like him/her. Likewise if you dislike the character.
2) Is he/she important to the general plot?
3) Can you relate to this character at all? Do they grip you emotionally?
4) How much do you like the fandom that this character comes from?
5) Do you ship this character with any other character? Or, are you particularly intrigued by their relationship with any other character(s)? (romance-wise or platonic)
6) Is there anything about the character you would change?
7) If you were in the fandom with this character or knew this character in real life, how do you see yourself interacting with him/her? (Would you get along well? Fall in love with? Dislike? Friendly rivalry? etc etc)
8) Does this character make the cut as one of your all time favorites (if you like) or least favorites?
9) Would you hype up this character (if you like) or warn about (if you dislike) to someone whose new to the fandom?
10) Is this character popular with the fanbase?

ganked from fated_addiction / teenwitch77
Tags: flist: birthdays, music: coldplay
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