April 13th, 2008

phoenix to boot camp

Eli Stone: London Bridge is falling down...

Tonight's episode of Eli Stone is to the show what "Phase One" did to Alias. And people if you don't know the show Alias and there is one episode you are missing out most on, its "Phase One!" I don't think so much has happened in one hour of tv ever. But anyways, this post is about Eli Stone. Not Alias. *reminds self* Anyways, tonight's eppy didn't really resolve any UST with Eli/Maggie (which is something Alias didn't do, thank GOD) so there is hope for Eli. Also some other major points didn't get resolved which speaks very well to the future of Eli Stone. I really think Phase One although one of the finest tv-episodes ever, did feel too much like a series finale than anything. And that was a huge tactical error on JJ's part.

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