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Dec. 22nd, 2009


everyone needs to go to this site. i guarantee it will make your day.
katie, i'm sorry but i'm sure after you talk to jack, you'll at least understand my reasoning behind deleting you off of my friends list. there are things that i need to say and vent about that i would like to put in here. and i don't know what they are yet, because i haven't typed them out, but i'm not sure if i want them getting out to some people, jack being one of them. i mean for all i know i could end up not saying anything about this, but .. if i do, i would prefer that it stayed here. and if you don't know why i'm doing this, ask jack and hopefully that will explain things.

part 2

i gave it to him.
i didn't stay.
he gave me a hug.
he told me i was shaking.
asked me if i was cold.
said no.
said i was gonna go.
he said he'd see me later.
i said bye.

i don't know how i feel.

if you don't understand this,
read the last one.
wtf? all of my overrides just disappeared. i was on the site yesterday, & they were here, and i came on today and now they're gone. how the heck does that happen? :( poo, i don't want to have to do it all over again :\ hey les, do you think you could be super awesome & e-mail me your override code? cuz at the moment, i can't really make you a layout, lol. thanks!!

friends only.

i'm not entirely sure why, but oh well, it's friends only anyway! lol

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