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Brushes 05 - Scribbles

During my bout of boredom yesterday, I made another brush set. As you can see, there's quite a few brushes in this set - I tried to include as much variety as possible. The more, the merrier, right? Hopefully there's something for everyone.

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Fonts 04 - For Icons

Just thought I'd share a few fonts that I like to use when it comes to making icons.

This pack was especially created for those of you who may be new to icon making, or simply those who are tired of using the same old pre-installed serif, sans-serif, etc. fonts. This will hopefully make a nice addition to your font collection.

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Fonts 03 - Handwritten

This font pack contains some of the more obscure handwriting fonts. I have a ton of these sort of fonts, but that's not too surprising considering there's a ton of them out there. And because I have so many, I'm sharing quite a few. So, enjoy. :)

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Fonts 02 - Hallmark

Whee, another font pack. This one contains Hallmark fonts (usually ending in HMK).

If you're wondering why the file is so large, it's because alot of the fonts have bold versions, which I've also included in the file. And because Angeltowns has a file size restriction for uploads, I had to split the file into three parts.

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Fonts 01 - Script

Just a few of my favourite (free; but hard to find) script fonts. I purposely included a couple of fonts that can't be found online. And you probably won't find alot of these on sites such as DaFONT.

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Icons 03 - Kurt Halsey

Just finished another batch of Kurt Halsey icons. Comment with what you're taking, credit (optional but appreciated), share and all that jazz. :)

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Brushes 04 - Random

Just a few (very random) things which I thought would make for some interesting and useful icon brushes.

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Brushes 03 - Ornamental

Another brush set. This one contains over 50 icon-sized ornamental designs.

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Brushes 02 - Light Effects

I was experimenting with some Photoshop tutorials, which resulted in some rather neat and random light effects. I thought a few of my more experimental pieces would make for some interesting icon brushes. If used correctly, they can give your icons a touch of flare (pun intended :P) with a subtle (or intense, depending on your preference) light effect.

As per usual, please comment if taking. :)

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Icons 02 - Kurt Halsey

Second batch of icons; featuring work by Kurt Halsey. I intentionally made the text on most of these icons difficult to read. They're really only there for decorative purposes. Didn't want obtrusive text to take the focus away from the wonderful artwork. :)

Please comment with what you're taking. Enjoy. :D

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