riddle me this...

riddle me that.

Ryan Twitty
23 May
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Im a dude / Im Twitty / I'm 18 / I'm a JUNIOR at Stanford University / I play college basketball for UCLA / I play soccer for MNSF / I live in 3 different locations: Newport Beach California, Atlanta Georgia, and Hollywood Hills / I like spending money / I collect basketballs / I was born in another country / I speak German, partially Dutch, Norweigian(sp), and some of the Swedish shit / I'm vulgar / I suffer from severe depression [you wont be able to tell]/ I listen to all music except country / My favorite color is PINK (dont try me) / I have a girlfriend named Summer that I'm constantly on and off with -->Marissa / My birthday is May 23 / I have a twin sister who was born on May 24 / Im European / I met my biological father at 16 and I found out hes a millionaire ..I hate him / My other father used to be abusive ..I hate him / My mom lies to [protect] me ..I hate her / My favorite food is velveeta shells and cheese / People dont like me because Im a jerk / People love me because Im a jerk / my favorite movie is between: Mr. Deeds, Phonebooth, ferris bueler, drumline, and a beautiful mind / I hate people / Im a genuinely nice person..you just have to be one too / i love animals / im a model and professional dancer / i hate people / i hate people / the oc is the best show / Rachel Bilson & Paris HiltonLindsay Lohan are sexy. / the olsen twins will be legal soon. ;) /

Hannah Dodd. 1985-2003
Whitney Davis. 1986-2003
Grandma. ?-2002
Lizzie. 1987-2002
Jessica H. -1986-2003
Mindy S. 1983-2003
Coach V. ?-2004
Billy V. 1985-2004
Kateline[KB] 1984-2004
CY. 1985-2004
i cant remember the other 5 people who died recently, sad..i know.

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_&; I claimed Summer Roberts and her boobs at your_oc_claims


Bush is NOT love.

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