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for the most part, i am happy with my life. i have big goals, dreams and i am doing everything i can to attain them...or come close. i mean, there are no major problems in my life. aside from the occasional body aches, lol, i am pretty content.

and i need someone who is also content with their life and happy. i mean i am young, we're all young, can't expect perfection, but i need happiness, its something i thrive off of. cool laid back happiness.

and yesterday on the radio, old school jam "make me better" came on...and it just kind of made me think

clearly i am a movement by myself
but who will make me better?

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im a horrible blogger. i mean i will sit for long ass periods of time and write some amazing shit, but i never post it. usually, its super personal, or about things which people are not able to handle. or sometimes, its just paranoia--or maybe i just don't feel like it. but maybe that will change. because life is changing very rapidly...


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i remember sitting
in my french class
writing love letters
but they werent addressed to you

and oh, how about that night
when i ate out for the first time
i bet you would have loved it

i know, i kno--i 'll never forget
that night at ihop
i had the chicken fingers
you didnt order
cus you weren't there

you havent always been there, you know
i know it
and i was just fine
and so... my point is
i'ma be ok.

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i love how
everytime i try
to put my feelings
into stanzas, rhymes
and catchy phrases
"you better just get it"'s
and "ohh i felt that...so deep"'s
(like all the cool poetry kids)
i can't
cus all i know
is how i feel
and if i can barely
make sense of that
then how can
i make you