An Open Letter.

After all the years whining, crying, bitching, posting random entries, stupid quizzes, life stories, bizarre findings and pointless nonsense, I've decided it's time to move on from this journal.

You'll still find it here, should you need to look back at it, since there's no way I'd delete it. However, I feel that with the way the world is moving, so should I onto bigger and, perhaps better, things. I've had this journal since the beginning of high school, and I'm now sitting pretty in my sophomore year of college, and my journal should (sort of) reflect a new sense of maturity and growth. I'll always love this journal, because it's a part of me that's grown over time. I'm still continuing to grow, therefore it's time to move on from the old tennis shoes that just don't fit as well as they used, so to speak.

I'll add all of you to the new journal, should you wish to follow me there (rhizoid). Just comment here and you'll be added, if you don't want to be added, it's no big deal, I won't be offended or anything.

Dissolve Magically,

P.S. You're great. Really.
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