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Christmas 2013

Wow, I skipped doing Christmas posts for 2 years, which I guess just goes to show my state of mind at the time. But now I am back with a vengeance.

Happy holidays, my lovelies! :)


Frozen: It's Disney, bitch!

Frozen_(2013_film)_posterYesterday, I did something I've only done one other time... I watched two movies back-to-back in the movie theater. The last time I did it was in 2009, when I watched The Proposal and The Hangover back-to-back. :)

Yesterday it was Frozen and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

OK, I can talk about Catching Fire in a bit, but what I really want to focus on is Frozen. Because I floved it. I floved it for all the ways it was classically Disney and all the ways it wasn't.

Some spoilers follow...

It's kind of hard for me to rank it with all of my favorite animated movies, because I can't necessarily say I loved it more than How To Train Your Dragon or Finding Nemo or even Beauty and the Beast. But it exists in a place all its own. First of all, this is the article that made me want to watch it in the first place: I agree with everything in the article, and pretty much everything that needs to be said is there!

But in my own words, here are the things I loved about Frozen:

1) It's not about finding a man or keeping a man, it's about sisterhood. And I am (was?) really close to my sisters, so it hits close to home for me. (Feminists would be proud of this movie.)

2) The message that keeping secrets, keeping things contained, will only backfire for you in the future and make the problem even bigger than it should have been. I love Elsa--or maybe not love her, because we didn't learn that much about her, but I can relate to her. I am Elsa sometimes. If I have a fatal flaw, I know it's shutting people out and not giving things my all. I can be a closed door, like they talk about in the movie. (It's a recurring theme in my writing.) And that's why I could relate so much to Frozen's central message as much as I did.

3) The message that we should try to understand different people, instead of trying to exterminate or control them. Elsa was a villain for much of the movie, but she didn't want to be... Her dangerous powers were part of her identity, and trying to deny it or harm her only made things worse. I watched the movie with a gay friend, and it's no coincidence that he easily related to the movie's themes as well.

4) The idea that true love is not only something that happens to you (like a cute guy giving you love's true kiss) but something you give of yourself. In the words of JK Rowling and thousands of love songs, love is the answer. Love, love, love.

5) The visuals. My God! When we talk about Disney magic, sometimes it's literal! When we talk about Disney, we think about "Be Our Guest" in Beauty and The Beast, "Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo" in Cinderella, and "The Sorceror's Apprentice" in Fantasia. Frozen has that visual wow factor, with ice palaces, spells, and flurries. Plus, this movie made me want to be a princess again! That was such a girl moment when Elsa transformed into her ice-blue dress, trail, and golden braid. *Sigh*

This movie is oh-so-Disney because it's got princes, princesses, magic, talking animated objects, and orphaned children. But what made it not-so-Disney and thoroughly modern is the anti-heroine (Elsa), the non-princely love interest, and the fact that true love is not just found in a man but with your love of family and with your love of self. And that actually answers a frustration I've had with Disney that I wasn't even aware of until I watched this movie!

This message is classic but fresh, timeless yet modern. And somehow, only Disney can really straddle those two worlds successfully.

Disney magic? Frozen has it in ice buckets.
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Loving this poster!

The first half of season 2 sucked, but I am still onboard the Revenge train! Thanks in part to an amazing season finale, and now this awesome season 3 poster.

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is a bride-to-be on the upcoming season of Revenge, but something tells us this wedding isn’t going to go according to plan. That “something” is the show’s season 3 key art, which EW has obtained exclusively.

In the gorgeous photo above, Emily dons a pristine white wedding gown, a perfect tan (thanks, Hamptons!) and a very gloomy bouquet of thorny black roses that seem to be the cause of the stream of blood running down her arm. (We’re guessing this one’s not going on the mantel…)

The pic echos what new showrunner Sunil Nayar told EW about the start of the new season, in which [spoiler alert!] we will see wedding gown-adorn Emily get shot in the first 60 seconds! “That’s the big, huge event and huge mystery that we’re building to in the first episode this season leading up to a grand December finale,” Nayar told us. “We’re really excited for all of the little movements everyone makes toward each other and there are great parties building up to a wedding, and, of course, the wedding itself. It’s all going to drive the first half of the season.”

Revenge returns Sunday Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


P.S. I'm also excited for How I Met Your Mother's final season! Love that fall TV season is just around the corner. (Or maybe even begun already for some shows.)
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Keep the Car Running

This is my favorite song of theirs from their new album, Magnetic:

The new album doesn't sound like traditional Goo Goo dolls, but I think it's their best one since 2002's Gutterflower. The new songs don't have a hard or punk rock sound that we've all been silently hoping GGD would return to, but I also think they sound fresh and modern. I think "Keep the Car Running" is a good song that I would have liked no matter what artist recorded it.

In conclusion, I don't care if the Goo Goo Dolls is no longer a hot, young band, or laos na sila or whatever. I'll always be a Goo fan no matter what. Love live Goo!
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Date with myself

I should do this more often...

I was passing by Omakase at Ayala Triangle Gardens and thinking, "I've always wanted to eat there." So I decided "Why not?" Now, I'm super full - almost to the point of queasiness - but it was worth it.

I ordered chirashi, a mix of raw seafood with sushi rice. YUMMMM. :)


Father Time

This is my favorite Federer / tennis / Wimbledon poem of all time. Then again, it's the only I know, hehe. Circa 2009:

The Boredom of the Gods
By Niall O'Sullivan

Have you ever heard
those tales about astronauts
in the slow years
after they touch back down to earth?
How the world that loomed
so large in their childhoods
has become so very small?

I watch Federer on Centre Court,
where he found the edge of his world
during last year's final,
his conqueror
unreachable this year.

From my press box vantage point
among the hush of the scribes
I also feel that distance.
His game is locked up tight,
a thunderbolt from synapse to wrist
without a cloud to give it away.

There is no such thing as a Centre Court hush,
there is always a bustle, a murmur,
a swish of pigeon wings
across the firmament,
to the hapless opponent
they may as well be vultures.

The second set falls
and Federer calls the ball girl
to bring his towel,
the laws of physics
and spatial temporality
put up even less of a challenge.

As both men settle on chairs
and stare deep into a place
that most of us will never know,
the Umpire calls out the name of the ultimate victor.

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Keeping the faith alive

In my later years, I've become an ardent Winona Ryder fan. LOL, I'm not sure why... I think I just really missed her, especially since there was no acceptable alternative Alterna-Girl in sight.

Even though nobody believes this is true, it is still fun as heck imagining "what if..."

* * *

Winona Ryder is ‘secretly plotting’ to get Johnny Depp back: Wino forever?

This story could actually be a bit of creative fanfiction, but I think some of you will appreciate it regardless of its veracity or lack thereof. In the past few months, Winona Ryder has been featured on this website and not only invoked nostalgia but also expressed enthusiasm for growing older and ushered in our near-collective appreciation for 1990s dark velvet. Now that Winona has recaptured our hearts and set about reclaiming her rightful place in Hollywood, she’s also allegedly looking to hook back up with a very old flame ...none other than Johnny Depp!

Now I’m not crazy about Johnny these days, but I can freely admit that he was once a terribly attractive and enigmatic man. Now I just see him as an overaccessorized dude in the midst of a mid-life crisis who also looks like he smells perfectly awful. Back in the day though, Johnny was hot. He was hot when he was with Kate Moss, and he was hot when he was with Winona Ryder. So maybe he could regain some hotness by getting back with Wino Forever? Not so fast. The Enquirer says that Johnny is still “blinded by love” for “bisexual free spirit” Amber Heard, and they’re preparing to actually go public with their romance soon. Maybe:

In TinselTown’s latest love triangle, Amber has demanded Depp take their romance public, while Winona is secretly plotting to win him back, sources say. “Amber has hit Johnny with an ultimatum: ‘Go public with our romance — or it’s over!’” a close friend told the Enquirer. “Meantime, Winona is doing everything she can to orchestrate a hook-up with Johnny!”

“Amber has been at Johnny to go public since the beginning of the year,” said the source. “When he balked, she walked out on him and went back to [her lesbian lover] Tasya, and Johnny totally freaked out! Amber’s become the major organizer of his crazy world and he couldn’t cope without her.

He bombarded Amber with calls and gifts, and even wrote her a song, begging her to come back. But she stood her ground until he relented to go public.” Now Depp is considering appearing with Amber at the Kentucky Derby, or the premiere of his film, The Lone Ranger in July, sources say.

Meanwhile, it’s been 20 years since Depp and Winona, 41, ended their rocky relationship, but she still holds a torch for him, sources say. The two met at the 1989 premiere of Great Balls of Fire, and got engaged the following year while filming director Tim Burton’s hit Edward Scissorhands. A smitten Depp had “Winona Forever” tattooed on his arm, but changed the tattoo to “Wino Forever” after their bitter 1993 split.

“In hindsight, Winona realizes that she and Johnny were too young and immature to make their romance work,” a source told the Enquirer. “But now that they’re both 20 years older and wiser, Winona believes there’s hope they can rekindle their romance. She’s even dropped hints to their mutual friend, Tim Burton, about arranging a date or even developing a film project for them.”

Another source added: “Both Winona and Amber are crazy about Johnny, and they both know that being by his side would help their careers.”

Aww, poor Winona. She hasn’t really had a big, all-encompassing love ever since she and Johnny broke up, right? I mean, she dated around, and Winona got a lot of crap for dating Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum in the mid 1990s, but otherwise, she’s been pretty low key. Maybe she’s been biding her time all along in wait for Johnny. Hopefully and if they do hook up, Johnny will bother to shower and shave for her so they can go at it like old times.

Here’s Johnny looking all hoboed out after his “Late Night with David Letterman” appearance in February. God, he is so grody now.

* * *

Can Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder Please Get Back Together?

Forget Humphrey and Bacall or Bancroft and Brooks, the greatest Hollywood couple ever has been, and always will be, Depp and Ryder. And now they may be rekindling their romance.

We are stomping our Dr. Martens all over the latest issue of Sassy in joy.

Well, rekindling may be too strong a word, especially as we are citing a report from the National Enquirer, but we are hoping that if we put this idea out in the universe, Veronica and Edward Scissorhands may again fall in love.

Winona Forever!

Winona is allegedly apparently totes back in love with Johnny, and wants to win him back. This even though Johnny is totes in love with Amber Heard, who is allegedly apparently also in love with other women. So Winona’s plan is to steal Johnny from Amber.

The jokes just write themselves.

The Enquirer spoke to Christina Ricci a source who claims: “In hindsight, Winona realizes that she and Johnny were too young and immature to make their romance work. But now that they’re both 20 years older and wiser, Winona believes there’s hope they can rekindle their romance. She’s even dropped hints to their mutual friend, Tim Burton, about arranging a date or even developing a film project for them.”


But hey, looking on the bright side Nona, even if Burton doesn’t come through, you can always get Richard Benjamin to do a Mermaids sequel with the hottest man who ever lived — Mr. Jake Ryan.

Now that is a man we would fight a bitch for.

* * *

The fact that tabloids are even making up this story means that the concept of Winona-Johnny is still alive and kicking in the universe! WINONA-JOHNNY FOREVER!!! (LOL, they are my OTP, in case it wasn't obvious... Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are a close second.)

Please, universe, I'm not greedy... I just want Tim Burton - or any other director - to make a new movie with them. Although I will stipulate that they have to be leads, playing against each other. And it isn't like the universe doesn't provide us with tantalizing little tendrils of hope... It's been reported recently that Winona will star in the sequel to BBC TV movie Page Eight, which will include Bill Nighy, Ralph Fiennes, Christopher Walken and - get this - Helena Bonham Carter. Hello?????????? Did you see what I did there????? Tim and Helena, get on it!!!

Others: I stumbled on this Winona Ryder: Style Icon slideshow, which provides a helpful visual recap.

It behooves me to note that Winona does have a boyfriend: designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. But all is fair in love and war, and they do say first love is forever ;)

I will close this blog entry with the wise words of Ellen: