I'm BACK! (for like the 7th time)

As one of my new resolutions I'm bringing back the livejournal.
Sorry if the layout is a little Fall Out Boy-ish for you, but I really liked the picture.
Alrighty whats going on in my life right now.
-I'm a freshman. I'm scared. here's my scheduale. Periods 1 and 10 I'm deff. laking friends. I only have like teoin those classes.

1-1 French I (Wilson)
2-2 Wellness I (George)
2-2 Study Hall (semester 2)
3-3 Study Hall
3-3 Intro to marketing (semester 2)
4-5 CP Algebra II (St. Cyr)
6-7 Honers Freshman Earth Science(Wason)
9-9 Honers English 9 (McManus)
10-10 World Culture and Geography (VanDyke)
12-12 Mixed Chorus After School (Boulanger)

-I'm leaving for camp soon. Quite exited.
-Dreading finishing the Honers English book...it's sooo sad.
-Tonight Freddy, Shannon, Danny and San are coming over for movies.
-Freddy and my 4 monther is aproaching.
-I'm way too cold for comfort.
-I hate the idea of waking up early for school.
-Today I walk to the highschool with Shannon so we can find our classes and figure out stuff with our scheduale. We're freshmen like that...

Alright. I'm done. Don't laugh, I'm rusty.


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Ok you can officially call the the LJ neglector.
mmkay whats been going on....

*finally doing well in math class
* got retainers....
*Being worked to death in play rehersal
*Aladdin opens in like 2 weeks
* My chorus teacher (no names) i hate
*Life has been good
*The other day in art josh ate paste, and them some of my lotion
*me and josh go to whore college ♥
*and i own him...ha!
*uhh im hungry
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just got back from my daddys. its offical, i am sick. ugh! im off to go watch RENT for the 436467 time. soup will be my companion through this movie, and a muffin will follow if i am still hungry. ill update more when i feel better♥
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magical things and flying bunnies

Yesterday i did absolutly nothing, but get my eyebrows waxed. Ouch. I was RUDLY awoken by one of those guys that is working on our addition. He asked if he could use the bathroom, totally oblivious that I was SLEEPING! So now I'm stuck here watching boring TV and Date My Mom. =/. Now I'm just waiting until I can get ready to go to Shannons. Sleeping over her house. Them we both have to wake up WICKED early so we can go to a 243576387368765 hour play practice. Yippee Ki YAY!
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last night i slept next to our new wood stove. i woke up like 254980984 times in the middle of the night thinking i was on fire...lol. today i went out w/ that mother. we went grocery shopping, hope depot, uhh and other places. ya, ive had enough mom time for a while. us my mom is making me make her dinner. i hate having a pregnant mother. my hair smells good. my feet are cold. im hungry. i wanna go swimming. ya comment if ya wanna. yay


today was semi-yipee
hardly anyone threw up today =]
worked on trek=]
didnt understnad math=[
so had to stay after for math cuz we have a test on fri=[
we had a sub in science that had goteen engaged that morning...on v day! =]♥
i painted in art =]
i almost burnt the house down =[
i went out to dinner and got a rose=]
and i get my braces off in 1 MONTH! =]
not like anyone does lol


let recap my nasty day period by period

ONCE ARRIVED AT SCHOOL- 2 janitor were called down the the cafeteria cuz kids were puking. then someone puked on the stairs.
HOMEROOM- we had like 10 kids
GYM- people threew up....under the water fountain
then someone threw up in teh hall
SOCIAL STUDIES -we read. thats all.
SCIENCE- actually fun. me ryan and lizzy got to jump on the floor! then i had to bring a tray of water to mrs nash's plant but i knew i would drop it so i made ryan do it. he spilled half. then i took it from him. i spilled more. then me and casey dropped it on the floor....wow.
ART- we painted. brandon was being himself. b wong was yelling at people who were dissing his paints...lol
AFTER SCHOOL- MRS OGDEN FLIPPED OUT ON ME!all cuz i had my iPod out, although i disticnly remember it over the announcement that we could have iPods After school...which it was....
and now im home

in the day
239 kids went home throwing up in school
and 16 tachers
this is gross!


well i guess bringing back lj is cool and all...
ixnay on the icture postay....yah
well right now umm let see what going on in my life...

~umm applying to high schools...( but i'll probably just end up going to CATA...lol)
~my dad said he wanted to get me and agent (wtf?!)
~Aladin practices are going horendusly...and like me and shannon (the Jasmines) are the only ones who know our lines....
~OMFG! in DMS there is this HUGE flu epidemic going on! like every 2 minutes a kid runs out of class to throw up...its seriously the grossest thing ever!
~RENT comes out on DVD on Feb. 21!
~I want to buy a jacket just like Ryan...so we can be Australia buddies
~me + math = not so good right now
~school = stupid
~DC trip = only a few months!(ok like 5....)
~oh yah ima gonna be in a fashion show...but i dont wanna....its not my fortay...dare i say. but w/e...any 1 wanna take my spot?
and chaa ill update tomorrow when there is actually something interestng in my life(mondays are always fun =\)


P.S. I feel like connecting w. old friends. if we havent hung out in a while or u moved or something IM me only domi doo we shall hang

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umm no livejournal for a while mmkay?

im jsut gonna post pictures in here if i have any every pnce adn a while see dont 4gt about me ya'll♥