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originally to appear as '!friends only', but computer language word plays are lame.

Fandom posts are not locked, real life posts are. Fandom rants with real life related content are locked, but I don't update much anyway so THERE'S NOTHING HERE. No, I don't actually want to scare people away, I'm just lousy at making friends. If anyone's miraculously still reading this, feel free to say hi? :D
Digimon ♪ Lost in the World

back to LJ, and my first Thanksgiving.

Just received an email telling me my paid account is expiring and...has it really been that long? I really haven't been using LJ much this year, I don't know why I bothered paying.

Almost six months since I last updated. Six months. How did time fly by so fast? I still log on occasionally and I check my f-list every now and then, but I haven't really participated in anything. I miss the idea of LJ/fandom being a place I might belong--I never did, not really, but I remember feeling like I almost could if I tried.

Cough. Anyway. Siz months. Got accepted for a Master's program, got my undergrad degree, spent a summer thinking about my future and took a week-long vacation in Australia, then moved to another country and spent my first Thanksgiving here. Not a lot in six months maybe, but phew! Moving to another country is not easy, I'm regretting not packing quite a few essential things. Living in the US is also much more costly than I realized, I had literal nightmares just thinking about money.

It's slightly funny how I don't use English much more than I did back home. The only classmates I really talk to are also from Taiwan, and I'm way too shy to talk to anyone else. I have a feeling this isn't going to pan out well if I ever want to go job hunting, though, so I should probably start talking to the professors or advisers or someone. One reliable way I've always used to practice getting my thoughts out in English is to write, so that's another reason why I'm updating after so long. I really need to get things together, I can't seem to form connected sentences!

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So...hopefully I'll be updating more often again. No long entries, but short ones should be something I can do. And now I have to get back to reading papers for my project.
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Azula disapproves of this post.

I now has sticky post and I apologize to everyone I'm spamming. I should probably refrain from using purposely lame grammar because with the usual grammar around with place, people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

So fandomsecrets is moving to DreamWidth and while I've spent too much time, effort and actual money to be able to laugh freely, I'm still pointing and laughing because according to LJ's new community ranking thing, it's the second largest community here. It's probably not going to be much longer once all its new comments go on DW, but great job, LJ. You just convinced one of the largest communities around here that your updates are rendering the site useless for them.

And the announcement post has Woopers! With the cutest alternative texts. I have a soft spot for water/ground type Pokemon, although my favorite out of the batch are Mudkips and they're water types until evolved.

Pointing out LJ's failure is the only point of this post. I'm sorry. D: Also fandomsecrets is addictive and I don't know how to quit it.
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writing meme.

eposicee half demanded I do this one. I don't like my own handwriting but I do think it represents me. Not sure what that says about me.
1. What is your username?
2. Are you right handed or left handed?
3. What writing implement are you using for this meme?
4. What are your favorite letters to write?
5. What are your least favorite letters to write?
6. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
7. Write the following words in all capital letters: CRAB, HUMOR, PAJAMAS, GAZILLION, KALEIDOSCOPE.
8. Share some lyrics from the last song you listened to. (Or just write whatever you want.)
Including Chinese answers because obliqueo said so.

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Every time I say I want to update, something comes up and I forgot what I was going to talk about. This time, I got totally distracted by the comedian duo オードリー/Audrey/Odori. I got so distracted I started writing an introduction post about them. Erm. Following them probably takes some Japanese skills, but I would really appreciate it if anyone gave it a chance? :3

Audrey (オードリー): an Introduction

Er. So that's that.

Why can't I flail like normal people do. :\ I hate that I get so wordy, my English starts making no sense to me.
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what is real life, and is it edible?

Back at school, last semester of college. Aside from feeling slightly overwhelmed that MY COLLEGE LIFE IS ALMOST OVER, things are pretty normal.

But anyway just wondering, is anyone here??????

It feels like no one uses LJ anymore. I can understand that, it's a sucky website, but I feel lonely. I haven't socialized for the last month and omg I can't remember how to talk to people anymore. I spent my winter vacation staying at home playing Pokemon and sleeping. I have a lot to talk about Pokemon, but I have a feeling I'm going to have even less friends than I already do if I try that.

ANYWAY. Anyone who knows anything about Pokemon (there's a yellow mouse called Pikachu! there, you know something now) should watch this Pokemon Engrish Green Nuzlocke Run. Slightly offensive at times, but I think that's because I've forgotten how offensive guys can normally be when they're not even trying (I think I've forgotten how offensive ALL people can be like). Seriously though, it's EPIC. Of course, you have to have played first gen to properly appreciate all the epicness, and you probably have to know what a Nuzlocke run is (fainted Pokemon are dead, you know now~), but everyone should GO ALL OUT (by which I mean TACKLE) that. Too lazy to play it for myself, it's probably going to give me a headache, so watching this run was amazing enough for me.

I need to stop using parentheses. Sorry about that.

So, what is real life, and is it edible? OH WAIT, SCHOOL. Yeah, I need to get back on that, but all the courses offered this semester look like they're going to take a lot of effort and I don't know what's that.

I need better hobbies. Ones that won't cause people to look at me weirdly. Any suggestions?
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RINGSSSSS, and not so happy stuff.

On the topic of LJ, they're trying to salvage things by giving vague promises again. Not exactly very promising, but what can I do. The future (broken down here) looks bleak.

Rereading Lord of the Rings lately, and I dreamed about owning the one ring last night. I went all MINE, ALL MINE and was panicking and running around obsessing over hiding the ring. There was also a Gollum-like creature running after me, so basically I was Gollum 2 hiding from Gollum 1.5. I think my subconscious is telling me that I wouldn't last one second under the ring's power.

I can never give conscious book reports, mostly because I'm usually not thinking about anything at all. But Collapse )

As for J-pop, lots of things happened, but I don't care enough to write about any of it now. I still care, about certain groups and people especially, but I haven't been feeling like ranting about anything. That's strange for me, at least.

Lacking enthusiasm for everything lately. Thinking about graduation hurts my brain. I really have no solid plan, beyond depending on other people. Most days I think the only reason I haven't strayed from this career is because I can't think of anything else I might want to do. I bring nothing to this world and probably shouldn't be here at all, but I'm stubborn enough to stay here and take up all your resources and not feel guilty about it.

Bleh, I didn't mean to end on such a depressing tone. I'm not usually that melodramatic, I swear!
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lj worsens (and I cry at the travesty)

The default LJ comment system is now unusable.

Expanding threads are taking too long. Icon preview takes up bandwidth and slows down loading speed, not to mention its no longer alphabetized and appears to be random, meaning I have to scroll around scanning the list of images to see the one I want to use. Subject lines have been removed, affecting role-playing, sales posts, kink memes, secret posts and everyone else who ever decided they wanted to summarize their comment with a header. Anons now have a hideous icon because LJ likes using bandwidth and taking up everyone's space/time.

And it's also plain ugly. In usability and in visual style.

What is this monstrosity. This is horrifying.