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Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen...

"I Will Be Beautiful If It Kills Me"... "You'll Leave A Pretty Corpse"....

- dAnYeLLe -
22 July
HeY! Im Dany :)

After a long break from livejournal.. Im back...
I Live in Halifax where I am an English Major at Dalhousie University. I plan to go to law school.. or fashion school...I am formally from Sydney.. boooooo.. :(
I like alot of stuff.. Im a punky-girly girl. Outgoing..down to earth..but a tad bit ditzy sometimes...
I love older men... haha.. And i like tattoos and piercings.. I have like quite a few piercings..and 4 tattoos
I love clothes, shoes, the color pink, bracelets, hair and expressing myself throughout all of those..
You can say I am hard to get close too... I dont let many people in...I get attached quite quickly so i tend to back away from causing myself anymore heartache...
Anyway.. This is a place where i ramble... obsess about my eating disorder, rant and just post ugly pictures of myself.. So.. If you dont like it.. Dont click on it..


Short-Term Goal Met:

Long-Term Goal Met:

--Everyone Said We Were Crazy For Giving Up Everything--
--You Never Said Forever Would Ever Hurt Like This--

** Thin is beautiful **

thin is love
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Eating disorders are a disease, not a lifestyle.

February 27-March 5, 2005 is ED Awareness Week.