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Denzel's day

It's just me

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My name's Denzel and I'm 11 years old and umm.. My life is nothing special. I used to have Geostigma but my friends helped me and now with their help it's gone. I live with Tifa and Marlene and like to hang with my friends.

(This is an rp journal for ffvii_ac_rpg )

Character Sheet

Full name: Denzel
Nickname: Denzeruru
Age: 11
Age appearance: 11??
Sex: Male
Species: human
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair colour: Greyish brown
Eye colour: Greyish blue
Weapons: None
Powers/skills: None
Weaknesses/disadvantages: ?
Favourite food: Anything made by Tifa
Least favourite food: ?
Favourite colour: Brown or blue
Least favourite colour: ?
Get up: Greyish clothes
Family: Orphan but lives with Tifa, Marlene and Cloud
Marital status: Marlene's boyfriend
Hometown: Midgar??
Behaviour: Kind, pretty quiet boy
Fears: SHM
Religion: ??
Tattoos/Markings: None

Character Interview

What were you doing long before this story started? Having fun with Marlene
What were you doing a short time ago? Eating
What are you doing right now? Cleaning our room
What motivates you? My friends
What de-motivates you? Money
What are you afraid of? Silver Haired Men, Geostigma
What are your short term goals? I dunno..
Mid-term goals? Make Marlene happy
Ultimate goals? Have nice life
What are your strengths? Being friendly
Weaknesses? Bit naive
If you had the power to do just one thing, what would it be? Make Marlene happy
When you come into conflict, how to you react? Do you fight, mediate, run? Run
Are you a loner? Do you prefer company? Company
What is your fatal flaw? Dunno.
What is the single thing that will always bring you to your knees? Er.. ?
What would make you give up hope? Loosing all my beloved ones
Do you have any nervous habits? Finger twitching, scratching, fiddling with your weapon? No