Dana (dana___) wrote,

Spader and Shatner = Happiness

James Spader on David Letterman, 1994

On hating going to the Stargate premiere
Spader: "You walk outta the car and immediately there are bright flashing lights and you reach for your anti-seizure medicine. I get that 'deer caught in the headlines' thing. If they ever needed to shoot immigrants landing at Ellis Island, my wife and I would be the perfect candidates for that."

Letterman: "You know what that means? You're like me - you were poorly socialized. I myself was raised by poodles."

Reliving the flashing lights of the red carpet premiere - or is it Jazz Hands

I got some great Spader and Shatner stuff from the wonderful Susan from TN on DVD today for the JamesSpader.org and Boston-Legal.org websites. I can't believe it - she's so generous. She collects all these old rare things. It'll take me forever to get them up, but I saw how charming Spader was on 1994 Letterman and 1996 Leno. William "Denny Crane" Shatner, on four talk shows, is so funny and charming - and seeing them all in a row, Shatner does this amazing thing: he starts interviewing the host. Each time he would say something along the lines of "...I'm fascinated how you got involved in doing ____...." and get the host to talk about something from their own lives. What a class act!

Jerry Lewis (1984) - "I'm fascinated to know how you prepare to be a director."
The Late Late Show with Michael Ian Black (2004) "Tell me how you got involved with sketch comedy."
Tony Danza (2004) - "You're such a great singer - and a boxer, too! How do you slip a punch, Tony?"


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