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Being green on Mars with Bauer

"You're still alive, she said." Borrowing from Eddie Vedder. If you know me, you know it's in my DNA to do so. So despite it being five months since I've written here - and said I intended to write every day - I am still kicking around the Puget Sound. Still doing too much Boston Legal stuff. Still ironicaly burnt out on Boston Legal. Still making a living doing computer stuff. I am supposed to be figuring out why my client is not getting emailed when someone uses the form I set up - so, instead, I'm writing about things on my mind this week.

Our garage is now nicely accesorized with a brand spanking new 2007 Camry Hybrid. We silently drove home from the dealer two nights ago. You know these electric motors are absolutely soundless. Go (partially) electric, reduce emissions and in ten years it won't be so hot outside. [/Inconvenient Truth wisdom] This Xebra will be our second car. I'm dead serious.

... like pine and the sea
Ronald Reagan, who hasn't used 'Junior' in a decade, said what I feel about living in Western Washington. I've lived in Hollywood before moving here - right on the strip at 8499 Sunset Blvd. Walk out the front door there and see screaming superficiality. Walk out the front door here and see Mt. Rainier and a bald eagle.

Larry King: Why do you live in Seattle?

Ron Reagan: Because it's not Los Angeles or New York, first of all. I've lived in both those places. My wife and I just prefer Seattle. It's a beautiful city. Great setting. You open your front door in the morning and the air smells like pine and the sea, as opposed to bus exhaust.

Life on Mars
"Bloody hell, I've seen road accidents more cheerful. Where are you today, here or planet of the Clangers?"
"Life on Mars" just might be my favorite show at the moment. Someone called this series 'Mod Trek'. Somewhat surreal but more gritty than Twilight Zoneish. I kept thinking of Guy Ritchie and Keen Eddie, but not for Guy's trademark edits or KE's comedy, because that doesn't apply. I think I just love everything British and cop. Roughians, all. I loved the '70's touches of clothing, inner city degradation, the Cortina and smoking and music - Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet, The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Bowie, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan/TRex. Someone playing Marc Bolan even makes it into an episode. Sam meets him in a club, melts from hero worship and sweetly tells him to drive carefully - especially in a purple mini (which is how Bolan dies a few years later).

Sam is a police detective who is in a car accident and suddenly, inexplicably, doing the same in 1973, also spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out exactly what he's experiencing. David E. Kelley will be creating the pilot for an Americanized version for 2007. How cool to see a re-creation of an American city in the '70s. Hire Mark Valley as the lead and blend in some Starsky and Hutch-ish production values, yellowish everything, edgy campy. Check the BBC site to watch clips. Also, a nice LJ community - lifein1973

Fayed replaces the scalpel and leaves Jack alone with one other man ['24' spoiler]
I'm reading part of the script for episode one of the next season of "24": 6 A.M. to 7 A.M. If you want to know anything, comment here. My heart started racing just from the written word.

CTU. Chloe and Morris watch the sudden rush of activity inside the Situation Room. They know what it means.
Morris: We did everything we could. I know it's awful, but if it means stopping these attacks... It's for the greater good. No one understands that better than Jack.
*Chloe lowers her head and starts to cry. Morris folds Chloe into his arms. And she allows herself to be held.

Fayed suddenly punches Jack hard in the solar plexus. Jack goes down hard. Fayed kicks him viciously, until his rage is sated - then nods at his men to lift Jack into the chair and stap him down. Fayed wraps a heart monitor around Jack's arm.
Fayed: I won't let you die until I'm ready. *He studies Jack's scarred torso* The Chinese didn't leave much for me to work wtih. But before you die, you're going to feel what my brother felt.
He turns to the table, runs his hand over the surgical saws, selecting one before turning back to Jack.

"You look like one of the Village People. That how they dress at Andover?" - Denny Crane
Boston Legal season 3, ep. 3 "Fine Young Cannibal" has a wrestling scene between Denny and Alan. Oh, my. And they're in full smackdown regalia. I do believe there is a costume for one of the cast members every third episode. Alan in an Indian headdress. Who wins? Should I tell?

Next on "Dana's LJ": Weirdos on Hollywood and Highland, Eureka, to move or not to move.
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