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As I said before, Rock Muse is definitely a cheaper sister of Midnight Poison. Not that I've ever sniffed the original, but the personality is there. It just feels like a Poison. Delicious. The bottle is hilarious. Elixir is just proof that most Miss Sixty scents (with the exception of Rock Muse) just resemble each other. I swear that this one is much like Miss Sixty's Miss Sixty.

You know, sometimes, buying scents blindly, without testing them beforehand really, really pays off. But mostly, it just ends up being a dud. However, Burberry Brit Gold? FANTASTIC. Uuuugh, delicious. It's an eau de parfum as well. :D. This is my first Burberry, and I don't regret the blind purchase. The bottle and package (like opening a present, seriously.) are fantastic. Great sillage, too. This is nuts. <3 Limited edition though, so uhm, should I buy a second bottle? I'll go ponder on that for a while.

I need to make up a list of the perfumes I have now.
Sandra Bullock

Review : Thierry Mugler's Alien

Bought a 0.27 oz bottle during a sale, as I figured it was my best shot at 1) owning Alien for a reasonable price, 2) making my mother love this scent, which she does. I agree that both the name and the bottle can be of-putting. Don't let it sway you. I personally love the bottle and it's name, which are both a bit of mind trip. Is it truly 'alien'? Perhaps a better name would have been 'Demon', as it seems to be the exact opposite of Angel.

I agree that it does smell futuristic at first, especially if you don't know what to expect. But in the end, it is very much a modern perfume, that might remind you of the classic perfumes, such as Poison (more so if you bought a fake edition of such).

But Alien is delicious. First I smelled jasmine, but then a woody, smoky scent popped up, which made me love it even more. I don't really understand this one. It's cold, it's mysterious, distant and yet beautiful and warm. I swear I do smell tobacco in this. Amber is a given. So is jasmine, which is wonderful and develops almost instantly on my skin.

So I don't get the 'coldness' in it. The individual notes are warm. So why does it 'feel' so cold and distant? Very odd indeed. I almost want to say that it brings up images of a potions shop with a variety of sweet, likable and foul, throat gagging potions, with a fire somewhere in the distance. This one is for 'witches'. It's definitely very confident, very naughty and then becomes even more confident when the smokiness comes through.

It is definitely strong, but those that didn't like Angel, such as I did should definitely try this out. Whatever put me off in Angel, definitely isn't part of this scent. Try it. Try to appreciate it. And try not to fall madly in love with it.
Sandra Bullock

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I HAVE RETURNED! AND I HAVE STUFF! I HAVE STUFF! I HAVE ALIEN! A very small bottle, but the price was just right. Considering this is a fragrance that goes for €70 a normal sized bottle, I was more than willing to pay €10 for a 0.27 oz bottle. I ignored Angel, as I really, really dislike that scent. It smells great on my sister, but there's something in the components that I severely dislike. I can't stand to smell it on my skin.

With Alien, that is different. It is so different and I've often wondered why it wasn't called 'Demon', because I can see my character Nadya wear this with ease. (And she IS a demon.) It smells so ... purple. My nose needs time with this fragrance. It is delightfully complex. It's a naughty scent, and perhaps a bit 'cold', but oh so beautiful.

On that note, I also stopped by Yves Rocher (twice). The first time, I drove through to see what exactly was 50% off and almost bought Iris Noir but then proceeded right through the shopping street to the perfume store where I found Alien and then proceeded back to Yves Rocher. I ended up buying Thé vert (EDC) which is, as it's name says, green tea. I was looking for a summery scent, and this is just gorgeous and fresh and very! revitalizing. Extremely simple in composition, but exactly what I was looking for.

And on top of that, I got a scratch card that gave me 50% off on one article, 5 loyalty points, and the option to buy two identical products for the price of one.

Oh, I feel so good now. And I smell of green tea. *squeewibbleflail* I HAVE ALIEN. And now I STOP buying those goddamned things.

Okay, maybe after I buy a Poison from Dior, and some BPAL scents/other oil perfumes.