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Sandra Bullock

Review : Thierry Mugler's Alien

Bought a 0.27 oz bottle during a sale, as I figured it was my best shot at 1) owning Alien for a reasonable price, 2) making my mother love this scent, which she does. I agree that both the name and the bottle can be of-putting. Don't let it sway you. I personally love the bottle and it's name, which are both a bit of mind trip. Is it truly 'alien'? Perhaps a better name would have been 'Demon', as it seems to be the exact opposite of Angel.

I agree that it does smell futuristic at first, especially if you don't know what to expect. But in the end, it is very much a modern perfume, that might remind you of the classic perfumes, such as Poison (more so if you bought a fake edition of such).

But Alien is delicious. First I smelled jasmine, but then a woody, smoky scent popped up, which made me love it even more. I don't really understand this one. It's cold, it's mysterious, distant and yet beautiful and warm. I swear I do smell tobacco in this. Amber is a given. So is jasmine, which is wonderful and develops almost instantly on my skin.

So I don't get the 'coldness' in it. The individual notes are warm. So why does it 'feel' so cold and distant? Very odd indeed. I almost want to say that it brings up images of a potions shop with a variety of sweet, likable and foul, throat gagging potions, with a fire somewhere in the distance. This one is for 'witches'. It's definitely very confident, very naughty and then becomes even more confident when the smokiness comes through.

It is definitely strong, but those that didn't like Angel, such as I did should definitely try this out. Whatever put me off in Angel, definitely isn't part of this scent. Try it. Try to appreciate it. And try not to fall madly in love with it.