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Sandra Bullock

More perfumes.

Again, I'll have to say that I'm dangerous these days when I enter a store that sells perfume. I try to dawdle in the store, away from them, but eventually always find myself staring at the pretty bottles and wondering if I could possibly justify yet another purchase. I never really can, but I always do end up leaving with a bottle, if possible, a cheap one, that if in the end, if I decide I don't like it anymore, I can use to spray my room with.

Ended up buying Green Summer for mom, because when a woman keeps swooning over a perfume, it's pretty much a fire proof sign that she LOVES it and that you do need to purchase it for so-said woman. Keeping in mind that it originally was €32 a bottle and now %50 off, I happy splurged on that.

Also bought a mini bottle of Neonatura Coocoon which was my sister's signature scent. (Now it is Mugler's Angel.) I like it because it is a strong, spicy, earthy scent. I think there's chocolate in there as well. However, I don't adore it. I don't swoon as soon as I put it on ... yet. So, the mini bottle was perfect, and also %50 off.

And I bought raspberry eau de toilette. All you will smell is raspberry, fresh, sprinkled with dew and ready to eat. Very refreshing and very invigorating. I almost want to nibble on my arm. I think I'll go grab the other minis of the other scents as well. Vanilla, blackberry, peach and wheat, I think? One at a time, of course. There is no way I could ever justify buying them all at once.

And I got a member card. Uh oh. Mom and I gave all our points to my sister, though.

Next thing I definitely should try to purchase once in my life, is BPAL. I already have a drawer ready for that and I'm just trying to figure out whether the $13 shipping is worth it and how much I have to spend in order to make it worth it.

Does anyone have any experience with BPAL?

Also, Trillian for some reason no longer logs me into AIM.
Sandra Bullock

Bla bla bla bla perfumes bla bla bla bla

It's dangerous to go with me to a perfume store. I fell in love with Alien. Mom was this close to getting it for me until she realized she didn't know the code to her card. But I got an excellent Angel knock-off for €2, so I'm definitely not complaining.

Also, the latest summer fragrance of Yves Rocher, called Green Summer is absolutely delicious and very, very fresh. Like a fruit cocktail! I might go get it tomorrow, especially now I see that it is a limited edition. Mom is definitely addicted to it, since she kept sniffing the test paper. I bet we'd definitely share, which would make me feel better about splurging! My sister has %50 off on items of Yves Rocher. THANK YOU SIS!

Yes, I love perfumes.

They make me feel better. They lift up my heart.

And not to mention, putting all those pretty bottles on display? There's really nothing much better than that.

And I have a new layout, which hopefully will make me post in here more often.