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This character is the result of a private storyline/private game that goes back four years, and he is most definitely not canon. Set in the year 1976, Voldemort is on the rise and gaining followers wherever he goes. Whether Todd is the DE that Rowling has mentioned in her books, still remains to be seen. (But most likely won't happen in this storyline we've got going on. But in another game? Who knows?) Todd's grandfather moved to the United States in the 1920's to set up a farm which he gave up on during the Dust Bowl to join a traveling carnival. Eventually, Todd Yaxley is born as the fourth child in the family. He couldn't care less about what happens in Wizarding Britain, because he has his own problems to deal with; a dead mother, sister and brother, a dying father, an older brother newly returned from the war in Vietnam, and to top it all off - the carnival he travels with for isn't as successful as it used to be. As his family around him is dropping like flies, he becomes aware of the situation in Britain, but decides to keep his chin up and to keep on going.

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