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Sandra Bullock

More perfumes.

Again, I'll have to say that I'm dangerous these days when I enter a store that sells perfume. I try to dawdle in the store, away from them, but eventually always find myself staring at the pretty bottles and wondering if I could possibly justify yet another purchase. I never really can, but I always do end up leaving with a bottle, if possible, a cheap one, that if in the end, if I decide I don't like it anymore, I can use to spray my room with.

Ended up buying Green Summer for mom, because when a woman keeps swooning over a perfume, it's pretty much a fire proof sign that she LOVES it and that you do need to purchase it for so-said woman. Keeping in mind that it originally was €32 a bottle and now %50 off, I happy splurged on that.

Also bought a mini bottle of Neonatura Coocoon which was my sister's signature scent. (Now it is Mugler's Angel.) I like it because it is a strong, spicy, earthy scent. I think there's chocolate in there as well. However, I don't adore it. I don't swoon as soon as I put it on ... yet. So, the mini bottle was perfect, and also %50 off.

And I bought raspberry eau de toilette. All you will smell is raspberry, fresh, sprinkled with dew and ready to eat. Very refreshing and very invigorating. I almost want to nibble on my arm. I think I'll go grab the other minis of the other scents as well. Vanilla, blackberry, peach and wheat, I think? One at a time, of course. There is no way I could ever justify buying them all at once.

And I got a member card. Uh oh. Mom and I gave all our points to my sister, though.

Next thing I definitely should try to purchase once in my life, is BPAL. I already have a drawer ready for that and I'm just trying to figure out whether the $13 shipping is worth it and how much I have to spend in order to make it worth it.

Does anyone have any experience with BPAL?

Also, Trillian for some reason no longer logs me into AIM.