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I don't get it. I don't get the jealousy my ex's fiancee has for me. I'm over him, I've removed him as a friend on my FB; yet she feels it necessary to bombard me with unnecessary information every time I reply one of his sister's posts?

Like I needed to know she's pregnant? 0.o God good, woman. I'm never going to take Nick from you. Res assured. There's a reason why we broke up - and it's all too telling that HE doesn't remember it.
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I don't know what the eff is going on. It looks as if I'm going to have to sell my 16 typewriters (space hoggers), but I don't really want to?

My sister has been sick all this time, and I'm not entirely certain what is going on, other than that she's gone through a myriad of tests at the hospital and the doctors have declared her as 'handicapped'. Take into account that Steven needs two eye transplants and can't even work, I'm not sure how those two are going to make ends meet.

Not that I know how WE (parents and me) are going to make them meet either. Ditching my education and going to work is another option. All in all, it ain't making me hopeful for MY future. Dad worked hard his entire life and is now trying to live off a pension that is just too fucking small. Not that he's ever bothered to save in his life either, so that doesn't make matters easier?

As mom says 'dans toute cette malheur, on dois avoir un peu de chance'. I'm holding her to that.
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Annabel - By my Side
Armstrong, Louis - The Best Of

Bechet, Sidney - Blues in the Air.
Bon Jovi, These Days
Brooks, Garth - Ropin' The Wind
Buckley, Tim - Once I was
Buena Vista Social Club - Same

Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Between Here and Gone
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Time~Sex~Love
Charles, Ray - Thanks for bringing love around again
Charles, Ray - The Genius after Hours
Church, Charlotte - Voice of an Angel
Cline, Patsy - The Last Sessions
Cray, Robert - Midnight Stroll


Duffy - rockferry

Fame OST
Fred & The Healers - electerrified


Jackson, Janet - The Velvet Rope

Lind, Espen - Red

Macdonald, Amy - This Is The Life
Minogue, Kylie - X

NKOTB - Face The Music
Notre Dame de Paris OST (English)


Poison - flesh & blood



Shadows, The - Greatest Hits
Sinatra, Frank - Duets
Springsteen, Bruce - The Essential (3CD)

Turner, Tina - All The Best (2CD)


Van Halen - Balance

Y Young, Neil - Harvest
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This is yet another matter of rich people buying up neighbourhoods so that they can put a nice mall in their place. Piens best never show his face ever again. Land lord gave us until July to evacuate the premises. Of course, try finding a a bedroom house with my father's small pension. Seriously considering moving out and getting a place of my own, to make things easier for them. Studios for the win, I guess.

This is breaking my heart.
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I'm preparing for a day of classes and really haven't been on as often as I once did, but here's a quick shout out to my LJ friends.

I'm doing fine. Just starting school again and oh boy, am I not used to that anymore.
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Browsing old Photobucket accounts can be hilarious. Following, are old camwhore shots of me, reminders of how messed up my room was during my art finals and more.

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