The Cyber bard (cyber_bard_) wrote,
The Cyber bard

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I feel like an overheated sausage after drinking a small sip from my dad's wine. Now I know why the old man is sweating so much, and I don't like it. No more wine for me. Not even these cotelettes Napolitaines. I'll have something without wine, thank you!

Trying to download some Scrapper Blackwell, as well as some Ma Rainey, Victoria Spivey and Charley Patton, but the torrents are not moving. Damn it, internet, give me my blues fix. I'll never get why it's easier to download Lady Day (Billie Holiday) than it is to download some Victoria Spivey.(For all of you balking at the idea of downloading illegally - I just want to check it out before I go through the trouble ordering it.)

Good stuff, no?
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