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I HAVE RETURNED! AND I HAVE STUFF! I HAVE STUFF! I HAVE ALIEN! A very small bottle, but the price was just right. Considering this is a fragrance that goes for €70 a normal sized bottle, I was more than willing to pay €10 for a 0.27 oz bottle. I ignored Angel, as I really, really dislike that scent. It smells great on my sister, but there's something in the components that I severely dislike. I can't stand to smell it on my skin.

With Alien, that is different. It is so different and I've often wondered why it wasn't called 'Demon', because I can see my character Nadya wear this with ease. (And she IS a demon.) It smells so ... purple. My nose needs time with this fragrance. It is delightfully complex. It's a naughty scent, and perhaps a bit 'cold', but oh so beautiful.

On that note, I also stopped by Yves Rocher (twice). The first time, I drove through to see what exactly was 50% off and almost bought Iris Noir but then proceeded right through the shopping street to the perfume store where I found Alien and then proceeded back to Yves Rocher. I ended up buying Thé vert (EDC) which is, as it's name says, green tea. I was looking for a summery scent, and this is just gorgeous and fresh and very! revitalizing. Extremely simple in composition, but exactly what I was looking for.

And on top of that, I got a scratch card that gave me 50% off on one article, 5 loyalty points, and the option to buy two identical products for the price of one.

Oh, I feel so good now. And I smell of green tea. *squeewibbleflail* I HAVE ALIEN. And now I STOP buying those goddamned things.

Okay, maybe after I buy a Poison from Dior, and some BPAL scents/other oil perfumes.
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